A Clear Place  is dedicated to helping you create better space and encourage you to:

  • Downsize Mindfully
  • Use What You Have in a Better Way
  • Live Large with Less

“My mom counts you as her new best friend. Leaving her home and a lifetime of things has been overwhelming but your coaching has made a world of difference.”

If your “stuff” is dictating where and how you live, it’s time to find a better way. Don’t wait until a health or money crisis hits you or a loved one, start TODAY to get clear. It really IS doable. A Clear Place is here to help show you how. Practical steps for every situation. Real life examples, before and after photos and lots of fun along the way!

“I love your no blame, no shame approach. I was so motivated after your visit that I cleared out even more areas than I had thought possible. I am so encouraged by the results and how I feel about my house and myself. Thank you!”

You’ll find lots of help at this website to get you started and keep you going on your path to a clear place.

Get the “Green” light … click on any of the pages to get started now. Let’s make it a clear day for a brighter Earth!