For Parents

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAToo much kid’s stuff is a very common challenge. Parents tend to allow it to take over the house. What starts as a cute little mushroom slowly and surely becomes an invasive fungus. This includes artwork, photos, crafts, toys, clothes, books, school supplies, games and electronics. And kids will always take as much space as they are given.

Accumulation can and often does result in chaos. Not only is this very upsetting to the energy flow in a house but it interferes with everything from learning to sleeping to sharing. Children are especially susceptible to too much stimuli.

Creating and maintaining a clear space is the best gift you can give your children. Enlisting the aid of your kids in doing so is an even better gift. Let them be involved in the process of clearing out and being selective about what they keep and what they regift. You may be surprised at how intuitive your children are about what they need in their space. Set the boundaries and set limits (no more than five toys in the room; pick top ten books; four pieces of art, etc.). Trust their choices. Give kudos to their efforts to clear out and clean up.

Got a kid stuff challenge? Contact ACP for specific guidance for your space.

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