house call HOUSE CALLS

Clutter control, downsizing, dead or troubling energy? Expert help with whatever is ailing your space. Options include on site or distant (email or phone) consultations. Learn to use what you have in a better way and let go of what isn’t working for you. Lighthearted, tough love for you and your space.

“You are indeed a miracle worker.”

Wheels start turning, challenges dissolve and rooms come into focus once the “Green” light is on.

“You made it feel like I did the creating.  I love that my place feels like ME and not like someone came in and did their thing.  This has changed my life.  I feel free.  My home is still the same square footage – you just made it seem like there’s a lot more space!”

“The lift has been evident in my spirit and in my surroundings. I so needed this. Don’t know how you do what you do. Thank you!”

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