Happy Results

“I hope when it’s my turn, I have someone as wonderful as you to count on. I can’t thank you enough for everything you did for my Aunt. It was way beyond my expectations and I appreciate all the extras you did.”

“You did a masterful job of organizing this move and keeping all the balls in the air.  And to do it with such understanding and compassion … wonderful. Thank you!”

“I love your no blame, no shame approach. I was so motivated after your visit that I cleared out even more areas than I had thought possible. I am so encouraged by the results and how I feel about my house and myself. Thank you!”

“We are blown away by the transformation! Very impressed with how you were able to come in and know exactly where to start, what to do AND help get it done so quickly. You really take the pain out of downsizing. Wow!”

“I love the Wisdom Cards! Stunning, poetic, yet very useful. Creating such alive energy in a card is amazing. How does she do this? I have found Jane (and her cards) to be of immeasurable help as I continue to create peaceful surroundings that heal, nourish, and enliven. Thank you for this wonderful product!” 

“The shift in energy has been pretty profound … (a friend) stopped by yesterday afternoon and thought I had gotten a dog – she said that the minute she walked in, the space felt friendlier and she attributed this to a dog.  I don’t have a dog. My tenant seemed to be in an especially good mood yesterday and today.  People were laughing and enjoying themselves…I can’t recall hearing laughter from (this space) before. I walked in this morning and it felt much happier & lighter.”

“Thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience. So many people told me how much they enjoyed your STUFFication presentation as they were leaving. I was amazed by the number of evaluations that were completed. All the best to you as you help people simplify and freshen their lives.”

“Jane, we can see that light at the end of that tunnel!! Thanks to you. Many thanks for all you have done for us.”

“I just got home from work and your cards were waiting for me. They are lovely! I opened the box and sorted through them and they gave me such a good feeling.  I look forward to using them for many years.”
” … beautiful wisdom cards. I love them. Your website is so amazing and inspiring. I can see you have helped so many people. Thank you also for the breathtaking photography!”

“I felt so comforted by talking to you. I got my questions answered and the help I needed with just one phone call. Thank you!”

“Jane speaks from the heart bringing warmth and enthusiasm to every audience. A professional and inspiring instructor.”

“Thank you for a  fun and illuminating workshop. I so enjoyed being there and have enjoyed the process and thoughts that have evolved from it. I got so much out of this one simple experience. You are gifted and awesome!”

You’ve shown me how to see with a fresh perspective – to use what I have and get rid of what I don’t need.  I feel lighter, my home feels more like who I am AND you’ve saved me a ton of money!  You make transformation a very concrete process and suddenly the overwhelming is easy to understand and handle. Thank you.

“I LOVE my new place!  It has so much more life to it. I am very impressed with your intuition and professionalism.”

“You made it feel like I did the creating.  I love that my place feels like ME and not like someone came in and did their thing.  This has changed my life.  I feel free.  My home is still the same square footage – you just made it seem like there’s a lot more space!” 

“Jane has been most amazing in helping me transform my home, massage room, and studio. She has a great sense for what needs to be done; a professional manner yet makes it fun. She has been encouraging and available all the way through. I highly recommend her work.”

“What a delight to see the transformation! Yes, the house IS perfect for Ann and now the whole home reflects the sweet and strong Ann. I was in her home ‘before’ and I love what you’ve done to open it up to flow and light and beauty. I wish you lived in Palm Desert, so you could do the same to my place. Great work you’re doing.”

“I have started little bits and portions of clearing, as you suggested in your workshop.  Every journey begins with the first step.  Thank you for being the gift the universe intended at that moment!  Keep up the good work.”

“Jane, your presentation was stellar! So many others have commented how much they enjoyed it and how many were motivated to clear out some of their things!”

“The colors you suggested were right on … exactly what I was looking for!”

“This (office) is an especially hard area to deal with because there are six of us sharing the building.  It feels so good to have cleared away old energy and make it a more welcoming place for our clients – a brighter place for us, too!”

“Thank you so much … we and the house really needed it.  We even went to bed at 7:30 last night!  And, we both slept well.  It is so nice to feel more centered and at peace again.  I have missed it.  The house feels much clearer and calmer as well.”

“Our room is soooo very different and I made space on my dresser for just ‘me’ things. It’s such a change! My husband loves it and is grateful for it. We didn’t even realize how much we didn’t like our bedroom until it was improved!”

“The whole house feels lighter – what a difference!”

“The difference in our office is amazing!  This really works … I can’t thank you enough.” 

4 thoughts on “Happy Results

  1. Katy H June 4, 2011 / 5:02 pm


    I love the concept of un-Stuffication, and would love to attend one of your workshops, but I live in Michigan. Do you have a book I can purchase?

    • Jane Green June 4, 2011 / 7:05 pm

      Hi Katy and thanks for writing. I’ve been asked about a book before but have not published one (yet). Meanwhile, check out my top 4 book suggestions on my blog post of March 30th. These are available from the library so you can check them out for free. And let me know if you’d like info on my Internet solution service … get answers to your specific space challenge via email. As a hometown Chicago gal, I like to stay in touch with my midwest sisters. Stay clear! Jane

  2. Sally Ann May 5, 2011 / 9:17 am

    I’m having difficulty figuring out where to go for ‘headline’ information. For example: In today’s newsletter there is reference to Olive Trees, but I could find no link, except to a photo–where is the information? The same goes for your reference to Canaan Fair Trade–is there a link to their website or more information about why you mentioned them? When I click on “full story” or “more info,” it just takes me back to your home page. Please help me figure this out!

    • Jane Green May 5, 2011 / 9:27 am

      Thanks for writing. You have to click on the last sentence of the post “Enjoy the show now” in order to view the story. Sustainability Month is the 3rd slide on the show and provides links to Canaan Fair Trade and their olive tree program. You can also access the link to the Fair Trade Federation and Ten Thousand Villages by clicking on the people photo shown on the same slide. For future reference: all mini-shows will be introduced on the blog but you do have to click to view the show for full information. Thanks and keep me posted on your interests!

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