For Boomers/Seniors

MabelClearing out can be especially stressful for those in their “golden” years. The physical and emotional process of letting go can feel overwhelming when you are dealing with a lifetime of stuff. Where do you start? How do you sort through all the memories? What do you keep? Who gets the rest?

Take heart – it IS doable. The shift from taking care of things to taking care of you is a powerful and rewarding one. It’s never too late to enjoy the freedom of a clear place!

“Thank you for helping me downsize for this move. All the decisions of what to take and what not to were made much easier with your input. I couldn’t have done this alone. I felt you really cared and understood what I was going through.”

“Organizing and downsizing for seniors is a trust based business that requires a clear head and a warm heart … you have both essential qualities.”

“I don’t know how I would have tackled this without you. I put things off for so long because I got exhausted just thinking about it and the longer I waited the worse I felt. Thank you for making sense out of everything and giving me a fresh start.”

ARE YOU having to help with MOVING YOUR PARENTS or ELDERLY LOVED ONES? You’ll want to read this:

ACP’s TOP FOUR TIPS FOR MOVING THE ELDERLY – Click here to get valuable tips on easing the stress for all involved.

Click on the Contact page to address specific questions.

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