A record 130 people attended the STUFFication workshop sponsored by Tigard Library. That’s a LOT of folks wanting to get to a clear place!

“Thanks for the POSITIVE UPBEAT presentation! You inspired me with your energy!”

“Jane, your presentation was stellar!  So many others have commented how much they enjoyed it and how many were motivated to clear out some of their things!”    

The emotional and physical toll we take from too much stuff is a serious one.  We burden ourselves with the weight of objects and items that have long since served their purpose yet we continue to hang on tight and even buy more.  There is a way out. 

SAY YES TO LESS! A dynamic workshop offering practical, simple steps to help get you and your place clear. Enjoy this unique “no blame/no shame” approach to tackling clutter and the challenges of too much stuff.

“Jane speaks from the heart bringing warmth and enthusiasm to every audience. A professional and inspiring instructor.”

“Thank you for a  fun and illuminating workshop. I so enjoyed being there and have enjoyed the process and thoughts that have evolved from it. I got so much out of this one simple experience. You are gifted and awesome!”

A great refresher to STUFFication, Say YES to Less offers new tips, updated resources and eye opening before and after shots. Come learn more about less.

Click on the Contact page to request information on workshops and consultations for your community or workplace.

Here’s an example of helpful titles you can find at your local library: Download: Tualatin book list.

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