Garbage Pickup for your Belly

This morning I watched a garbage pick-up at the end of the road. Apparently some of the trash hadn’t made it into the dump truck and bottles and debris were strewn all over the street. The garbage man carefully shoveled up every piece of glass and gunk and put it back in the can. Then he got in the cab, pushed the button and out came the mechanical claws that grabbed the big can, lifted it high over the truck, shook out the contents and returned it to the ground. Once the arms had retracted, the man got out and climbed up to the top of the truck to grab the final pieces of garbage clinging to the edge. The job finally completed, he got back in the cab and drove on to the next pick-up. Quite a process. Viewing the scene inspired me to think about what kind of debris from the past I might be carrying around that needed to be shoveled up and cleared out. Here’s the little exercise that I came up with: I relaxed and focused on my belly and then visualized a golden garbage truck pulling up. Two men (angels/light beings – whatever you like) got off the truck, each with a golden shovel.  As I named the debris (anger, resentment, etc.) they shoveled it up and tossed it into the truck. Some of what I recalled required more effort to scoop up but it actually didn’t take long. When they were done, the workers sprinkled gold dust on the clean surface, tipped their hats and said with a smile, “We’re here whenever you need us.” I’ve scheduled weekly pick-ups.

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