Stay Clear with New Travel Essential Oil Product

You’ve heard me preach about the benefits of essential oils for both your space and your personal care. I’m always on the look out for new products from trusted sources. So I’m really excited to share a nifty item just in time for summer travel: essential oil towelettes. They come in a variety of choices including Lavender, Orange and Lemon. I love the Peppermint for cleaning and freshening my tootsies after a walk. Keep in your glove box or store in the ice chest for a cool wipe. No synthetics here – this is the real deal. Antiseptic and antibacterial plus a wonderful aroma AND portable. Use citrus wipes to clean steering wheels and dashboards, handrails and doorknobs. Lavender towelettes are great for hotel nightstands and office keyboards. The Lavender wipe also has a bull-dog wrapper option making it a great gift for pet owners on the road. Tons of uses for these little cloths that pack a pleasing punch. Purchase singles for $1 each or save by buying in a pack of 20 individually wrapped for $15. Enjoy! Herban Essentials Towelettes from The Essential Oil Company.

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