Breasts Deserve a Good Home

brasIf you are like most women, you don’t give much thought to your bra. You have one maybe two and wear them to a frazzle. Your breasts deserve better treatment. Why would you choose to cover your heart with something frayed? Make a point of treating yourself right and get a new bra this week (under wire free, please). While you are at it, pick up a bra to donate to Free The Girls – a wonderful program (that I just learned about) dedicated to keeping young girls out of prostitution. Why bras? Find out here. Are you a “on second thought” gal with a drawer full of bras you bought and then decided you didn’t really like? Donate those, too. Any gently worn style is welcome. Visit the website to find donation sites near you. If you live in the Vancouver area, Camas Antiques is collecting bras now through April 15th for the CW Soroptimist group who will send the donations to Free The Girls. Note: Thanks to my friend, Karen, for passing this donation opportunity along.

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