Sustainability Fair

sustainability+website.jpgJoin me Friday the 12th for a FREE and fun event. This 8th Annual Sustainability & Repair Fair brings a great group of folks together at the Garden Home Library in SW Portland. Lots of earth friendly products and information. You can even get your toaster fixed while you visit with vendors. Note: You can bring up to 2 items for repairs but they ask for a heads up. Click here for the Repair Fair registry. This event is so popular they now have to hold it in the adjacent gymnasium to accommodate everyone. And that’s a good thing! 5 to 7:30 pm. Corner of Oleson & Garden Home Rd. See you then!

STUFF-ication Relief

Make this the year to get clear! A Clear Place offers an entertaining and informative presentation using a unique “no blame/no shame” approach. Say YES To Less is a two hour workshop building on the concepts first presented in STUFF-ication in 2010. It’s perfect for brown bag lunches at the office, community groups or neighborhood meetings.  Click here to read more about the workshop. Click here to learn about private consultation options.

Breasts Deserve a Good Home

brasIf you are like most women, you don’t give much thought to your bra. You have one maybe two and wear them to a frazzle. Your breasts deserve better treatment. Why would you choose to cover your heart with something frayed? Make a point of treating yourself right and get a new bra this week (under wire free, please). While you are at it, pick up a bra to donate to Free The Girls – a wonderful program (that I just learned about) dedicated to keeping young girls out of prostitution. Why bras? Find out here. Are you a “on second thought” gal with a drawer full of bras you bought and then decided you didn’t really like? Donate those, too. Any gently worn style is welcome. Visit the website to find donation sites near you. If you live in the Vancouver area, Camas Antiques is collecting bras now through April 15th for the CW Soroptimist group who will send the donations to Free The Girls. Note: Thanks to my friend, Karen, for passing this donation opportunity along.

Favorite Earth Day Tip

Time to share my annual Earth Day tip. Earth911 is my favorite resource for where to recycle whatever you have – wherever you are. It’s nationwide so you can send this link to friends and family all over the country. Super easy to use. Type in what you want to get rid of (recycle, donate) and then put in your zip code. Up pops your options including websites and contact info. Find a place fast for everything from mattresses to videos. LOVE it. Read more about this wonderful free resource on my earlier blog post. Remember, honor our Earth home everyday by being mindful of what you have and how you use it. Check out this and other resources for creating a clear place on my Resources Page.

Are You Redecorating Hell?

Our space includes more than what’s around us. We have to be aware of what’s inside as well. Find out if you are adding fuel to the fire in this week’s Light Show. Also get an inspiring look at a cob wall in progress, see my review on a closet space saver and learn about Moving Planet Day.

View the Light Show now.

Radio Time for A Clear Place

A Clear Place was the featured guest today on Aging Resourcefully, the blog talk show presented by APN (Adult Placement Network). Listeners got a capsule version of how A Clear Place came about, what it offers and what makes it unique. This is a great  interview to share with anyone you know of who is in need of help with their space but is afraid to ask for it. Note: There is a brief intro before the 25 min. interview begins.  Also available on iTunes. Listen now.

Tropical Estate Sale

Downsizing CAN be fun … even in the heat. Zoe created this reading oasis where shoppers can enjoy garden shade while selecting books. Ripe plums from the tree provide a golden, juicy snack while you browse. Zoe did a great job arranging all the items –  from furniture to ornaments – so things are easy to find and fun to look at. Shoppers are arriving on foot, on bikes and in vans. Terrific bargains and smiling faces – a perfect combo in any weather!  FINAL Sale Date: Sunday July 31st, 10 – 4. 7026 NE Grand, PDX. (Near MLK & Dekum)

SERIOUS downsizing sale

THIS weekend … help Zoe clear out and help yourself to great bargains. If  you are in need of something special, this is the place. Lots of unusual and cool things. Hope to see you there!  View items and descriptions.  Sat/Sun July 30/31 from 10 to 4 in NE PDX. Email Zoe for directions:

Jane Green on YouTube

Check out these raw (as in impromptu, unscripted, unrehearsed) video vignettes. Zoe from Seniors Homing Together is preparing for her SERIOUS downsizing sale and I stopped by to lend a hand and offer suggestions. She decided on the spot to record the visit in hopes of inspiring others to start clearing their stuff. If she can do it, anyone can!
There are 9 little segments in all. Here are two of them:
SALE INFO: Zoe was a chef and is letting go of lots of cookware, cookbooks  – along with years of artwork, furniture, art supplies, electronics, etc. Her goal is to live life large in a tiny footprint. Yay! If you are in the PDX area, the sale is this Sat/Sun July 30/31 from 10 to 4 in NE PDX. Email Zoe for directions: