Getting A Clearer Perspective

Giant MagnoliaThese photos were taken yesterday just minutes apart of each other. Both show the same giant magnolia. All I did was move to the other side of the tree. Two very different effects. Two very different moods. One depicts the cool presence of the moon fading in the morning sky. The other shows the brilliance of the sun bursting through with all its fiery power. Like the giant blossoms, we rely on both the sun star and the moon for balance and beauty. The next time you are trying to get clear about a challenge with your home – anything from how to arrange furniture to how to create more space in your place – try shifting your position just a bit. Move to the other side of the room, sit in the middle of the floor, stand on a step stool – you might be surprised at the options that appear from a fresh perspective. See you on the clear side!

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Garden of Grace

gardenWhen my Aunt Betty died a few years ago, my cousin, Janet, received comfort in a very special way from her husband and young daughter. In response to last week’s post on the Card of the Week: GRACE; she shared this story and gave me permission to share it here. I hope it inspires you as it did me.

“When Mom died, Cassidy and Jerry designed a garden. Jerry made an archway/arbor at one end. It has stepping stones from one end to the other including one that Cassidy created. My teaching buddies bought a bench for the garden, too.  It was very therapeutic, still is! I love to see new things growing each year! 

One of mom’s nurses gave us a forget-me-not plant for the garden. Now, I purchase forget-me-not seeds and put them in sympathy cards for friends who have lost loved ones. It is great for the kids to be doing something to work through sad times.”

How lovely is that? What a perfect reminder of the cycles of life. And you don’t have to live on a farm in Wisconsin to plant a memory garden. Dedicate a spot in your backyard or repurpose that unused veggie patch. Invite family and friends to contribute labor/know-how and/or plants. It doesn’t have to be elaborate. Even a container corner on a deck can serve the same purpose. Be intentional. Keep the garden tended. Enjoy the memories … and the seeds of love.

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Top 3 FREE Ways To Beat The Blues

Lighten your load and brighten your life … for free. This week’s Light Show features my top 3 favorites on how to turn your woes into wows. I’d love to hear which one you choose to do! Also included in the show is my illustrated tip on dealing with messy food scraps.

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