Balance Matters

Balance cardStaying in balance is something we all strive for but it can seem a difficult and elusive task. It’s especially tough when weighed down by physical, emotional and mental STUFF! The latest ACP Enews shares some favorite ideas on how to get back to center. You’ll get a great breathing tool for releasing stress, read about a win/win “letting go of stuff” story and learn my top item to eliminate in your home in order to maintain balance. PLUS enter to win a deck of ACP Wisdom Cards for you or a friend. Just taking a few moments to view the stunning sunset image will help create a positive shift.  Make 2017 the year to share the cheer and spread the clear! Read January ACP Enews here. 

Fall Clearing Tips, Free Deals and a Feisty Friend in Sept Enews

img_20160922_125553.jpgIt’s here! A Clear Place September Enews. Meet my feisty 86 yr. old friend and learn how she’s still making a difference; get an update and helpful recycling link from Earth911; get a quick tip on organizing your clearing and download a FREE sorting guide. And, in honor of Autumn – the season of letting go – get FREE shipping on ACP Wisdom Cards. All this and more. Happy Fall and happy clearing! View Enews now.

FREE Eco Cards with Purchase

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Good To Know:
It mattered to me that the printing process reflected the message of mindful living. Both the deck and the box are printed in the USA and with 100% wind power.What better way to showcase the natural beauty that I so loved capturing with the camera?

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Struck by Beauty

Royal TreeTrees take me to a whole other level. Inspired by their beauty and humbled by their majesty, trees connect heaven to earth in hundreds of ways. I haven’t met all of the 400 Billion trees on this planet but I take comfort in their presence on this journey. Find out more about trees and their connection to another favorite fascination of mine: lightning! Read the latest E-greeting from A Clear Place.

About this photo: Taken at Rood Bridge Nature Park, Washington County, OR. Spring 2015. Visit this or other nature reserves in WA County.

Detach and Enjoy the Show!

Detach cardLetting go and detaching from the outcome takes practice. But as with most worthwhile endeavors, the more you do it … the better you will feel in body, mind and spirit. Learn more about this month’s Focus Card and this featured place in nature. One of my favorite vistas and photos! See it up close.

Message from Spider

Web at my Window Jane Green 10/2014
Web at my Window
Jane Green 10/2014

Spiders usually evoke an “Eek!” response especially when they make a surprise visit. Or you inadvertently walk into one of their webs. But as with all of nature, they also have much to teach us if we take time to observe. Click here to find out what spider had to share at my place yesterday.

Fun Fact: Did you know that all spiders can make silk but not all spin webs? They use the silk for a variety of purposes including protecting their young (spiderlings), catching prey and for shelter. Male spiders deposit their sperm into the silk and retrieve it later when they find a willing mate.

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Finding BALANCE with Your Space

Balance cardBalance can seem to most as an illusive art form. We know it when we see it but achieving it is often a challenge. The good news is that balance and harmony (two sides of the same coin) can be realized and maintained with some simple steps and a little practice.

Our home tells us when things are out of balance. Something feels off in the room. The energy is too heavy in one corner. The space feels cramped. Pay attention to these clues and take action to correct the imbalance. Move or remove furniture, soften the color scheme, change a lampshade … small things that make a big difference. Simplicity is key.  Clearing clutter is the most effective change agent for your space … creating balance starts there. A favorite quote from Albert Einstein reminds us to: “Out of clutter, find simplicity.”

About this photo: These twin birch trees were each coated in a sheet of ice. Such stark simplicity was stunning. Even in their frozen state, I could feel their harmony with each other and the sky surrounding them. Taken on New Year’s Day in Bend, OR.

CLICK HERE for more inspirational tips from the ACP Wisdom Card deck!


Getting A Clearer Perspective

Giant MagnoliaThese photos were taken yesterday just minutes apart of each other. Both show the same giant magnolia. All I did was move to the other side of the tree. Two very different effects. Two very different moods. One depicts the cool presence of the moon fading in the morning sky. The other shows the brilliance of the sun bursting through with all its fiery power. Like the giant blossoms, we rely on both the sun star and the moon for balance and beauty. The next time you are trying to get clear about a challenge with your home – anything from how to arrange furniture to how to create more space in your place – try shifting your position just a bit. Move to the other side of the room, sit in the middle of the floor, stand on a step stool – you might be surprised at the options that appear from a fresh perspective. See you on the clear side!

Note: For inspired ideas on Sun and Moon Energy, visit my Pinterest boards.

Garden of Grace

gardenWhen my Aunt Betty died a few years ago, my cousin, Janet, received comfort in a very special way from her husband and young daughter. In response to last week’s post on the Card of the Week: GRACE; she shared this story and gave me permission to share it here. I hope it inspires you as it did me.

“When Mom died, Cassidy and Jerry designed a garden. Jerry made an archway/arbor at one end. It has stepping stones from one end to the other including one that Cassidy created. My teaching buddies bought a bench for the garden, too.  It was very therapeutic, still is! I love to see new things growing each year! 

One of mom’s nurses gave us a forget-me-not plant for the garden. Now, I purchase forget-me-not seeds and put them in sympathy cards for friends who have lost loved ones. It is great for the kids to be doing something to work through sad times.”

How lovely is that? What a perfect reminder of the cycles of life. And you don’t have to live on a farm in Wisconsin to plant a memory garden. Dedicate a spot in your backyard or repurpose that unused veggie patch. Invite family and friends to contribute labor/know-how and/or plants. It doesn’t have to be elaborate. Even a container corner on a deck can serve the same purpose. Be intentional. Keep the garden tended. Enjoy the memories … and the seeds of love.

Share your story. Find inspiration on healing ways with nature … order your Wisdom Cards here.

Top 3 FREE Ways To Beat The Blues

Lighten your load and brighten your life … for free. This week’s Light Show features my top 3 favorites on how to turn your woes into wows. I’d love to hear which one you choose to do! Also included in the show is my illustrated tip on dealing with messy food scraps.

Take a few minutes and enjoy the Light Show now!