Failing the Bar Review

barI’m conducting a label review of protein bars (I like to keep them on hand for car trips or emergencies) – and it matters to me what’s in them. I picked up a Simple Truth Double Chocolate at Fred Meyer last week. Let me just say, there is nothing honest about Simple Truth. They profess to offer “… a simple, healthy solution to better living featuring natural foods.” They want you to “trust” their label to be the best choice for you and your family in everything from eggs and meat to canned tomatoes. Wow. What a scam. I really detest companies that promote themselves as a healthy source and then slap their label on junk food.  This bar has more creepy stuff in it than a horror show. Over 28 ingredients and the worst offender of all is listed first: soy protein isolate. What I’ve learned about SPI is, it’s a chemically processed by-product that has none of the nutrients of soybeans and is full of pesticides. Combine that with tons of lactose and sugars and you’ve got a recipe for a digestive nightmare. Sure enough – just 20 minutes after my two bite taste test, I felt yucky and bloated. The real truth? This bar is no bargain and it clearly has nothing to do with healthy choices. I’ll pass.