Stuffed Class!

A record 40 people attended last night’s STUFF-ication workshop hosted by Beaverton City Library. Clearly a sign that lots of folks are needing help with their stuff issues. Couples, friends, parents with adult children, widows, grandparents, partners … it was great to have such a diverse audience. Thanks to all who made the effort to attend and participate. Here are just a few of the comments from last night’s STUFF-ication: 

“Jane was great. Her energy effective and contagious. She put a spark under my feet.”

“Learned some good ideas. More importantly, got inspired to make positive changes in space.”

“Very motivational.”

“Good speaker. Inspiring, enjoyable!”

“Thanks for the POSITIVE UPBEAT presentation! It was so nice to come to a presentation that wasn’t a “sales pitch.” You inspired me with your energy! Thanks.”

“Lots of food for thought along with helpful information and tips.”

“Good reminders to get out the clutter and be ‘present’ by being mindful of space and life.”

“Feel motivated to get rid of more stuff. Glad to learn of resources besides Goodwill!”

“Jane was knowledgable about her subject and inspiring! Very professional.”

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