New Format for ACP Clear News

UntitledChallenge: Find a better way to present multiple topics, links and graphics on one page that all open easily with mobile devices. It needs to look good and inspire action. Oh … it should also have a personal vibe and consistent quality. Something that’s professional yet warm and, of course, always clear in voice and message.  Result: Today I launch my latest Clear News format … thanks to MailChimp and lots of pots of jasmine tea. Hope you enjoy it!

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ACP In the News

UntitledPrompted by next week’s workshop, Saying YES To Less (hosted by the Tualatin Public Library), the local Times did a nice feature on ACP. After the interview, I asked the reporter if he personally had experienced any issues with stuff. A young guy who recently went through a move, he admitted being surprised at how much he had accumulated in a short time and in finding things stored away that he had forgotten about. Yep. That’s a common tale. Dealing with stuff has no generation boundaries. It can get to the best of us … and bring out the worst in anyone. I love sharing the how to’s of getting and staying clear and the immediate relief it can bring to any space. And there’s no time like the present to start!  Read the Times.

STUFF-ication Relief

Make this the year to get clear! A Clear Place offers an entertaining and informative presentation using a unique “no blame/no shame” approach. Say YES To Less is a two hour workshop building on the concepts first presented in STUFF-ication in 2010. It’s perfect for brown bag lunches at the office, community groups or neighborhood meetings.  Click here to read more about the workshop. Click here to learn about private consultation options.

STUFF Sheds Light

 Love hearing from audience members who are putting the ideas into practice!  Julie G. writes:

“Thank you so much for the stuffication workshop on Tuesday 2/1 at the Beaverton Library.  It was both helpful and inspiring. 
I very much appreciated your brief history on how we got here.  The immediate post-war period in the U.S. was unique in that two major transformations converged: the advent of 1) credit cards and 2) mass advertising. Together these two innoventions ushered in an era of unprecedented economic growth fueled by consumer spending on products that people didn’t need and couldn’t afford.
Since the economic meltdown of 2008-2009, I have been amazed at government efforts to “increase consumer spending” in hopes that we can somehow get back to the halcion days of unregulated credit and out-of-control consumer spending. It was such a breath of fresh air to hear you give voice to the obvious: we will never get back there, and that is a good thing.  The future beckons us to spend less on “stuff” that we don’t need and can’t afford.

I came home from your workshop and made a plan for small incremental changes which I began today.  First books, then clothes, then kitchenstuff. This project of cleaning out which seemed so overwhelming to me before your workshop, now feels very doable.  Thank you!”

Stuffed Class!

A record 40 people attended last night’s STUFF-ication workshop hosted by Beaverton City Library. Clearly a sign that lots of folks are needing help with their stuff issues. Couples, friends, parents with adult children, widows, grandparents, partners … it was great to have such a diverse audience. Thanks to all who made the effort to attend and participate. Here are just a few of the comments from Continue reading

Library Workshops Great Success!

NEXT CLASS DATE: February 1st at Beaverton Library. More details later.

The series of STUFF-ication seminars for Multnomah County has come to a close. What interesting audiences from all over Portland. It was great getting out into the community and meeting new faces. All ages, couples, singles … everyone wants to get clear! 

Get on the ACP CLEAR TIP e-mailing list if you aren’t already to read upcoming questions and answers shared during the seminar series. Lots of good info coming your way.

Next up: Washington County libraries. Let me know if you are interested in having STUFF-ication presented at a branch location near you.

Lunch and Learn

 Karen Wehrman introduces guest speaker, Jane Green, at Friday’s Lunch & Learn.  It was a great turnout and the room was filled with easy mingling and happy munching. Everyone enjoyed the “STUFF-ication” presentation and left with lots of ideas and tips on how to lighten their life and their space. 

Lunch & Learn is held every Friday at Old Wives Tales in SE PDX.  It’s a great way to connect with a diverse group of people.  You’ll meet realtors, coaches, writers, health practitioners, CPA’s, shop owners, sales reps, and more.  RSVP’s are required but there’s no fee to attend – and you don’t have to be an entrepreneur – just bring your desire to meet and learn.  Each week features a different topic.  For more information on attending contact Karen.  To book your own STUFF-ication presentation contact Jane.