Community Resource

 “Hi Jane,
I just wanted to add a resource for your website. The Community Warehouse collects furniture, cookware, small appliances, and linens to distribute to men and women who are coming out of shelters and setting up an apartment of their own. These items are free to the clients (unlike Goodwill and Salvation Army) as long as they are registered with a shelter of some kind. The Community Warehouse has drop-off sites in NE Portland (3969 NE MLK Blvd) and in SW Portland (8745 SW Canyon Lane). For larger items, they will send a truck to your home to pick-up. See their website at Phone number is (503) 235-8786.
Thanks for all you do, Jane” –  Julia Gies 

(NOTE: Setting up that first apartment or needing to replace a broken teapot? The Warehouse also runs The Estate Store at the MLK location. Great way to stretch your budget and help a good cause! Click on the website blog to see featured items.)

Bellevue Home Comes Alive

“Prior to Jane’s visit my house felt heavy and forbidding.  After the clearing ceremony, the house felt loving and appeared to welcome me with open arms.  It was a weekend that honored where I was at in my grieving process and helped me to find some comfort.  I’m so glad that Jane was able to spend the time with me and I’m still reaping the benefits.”   Jeana H., Bellevue, WA

Congratulations, Jeana, on making such wonderful progress with the house.  Not only are you transforming it to a beautiful place for yourself  – you are creating a lovely space for the next occupants. And the positive energy from your efforts will follow you always.

View some examples of Before and After from Jeana’s home.