Chandelier Idea is a Clear Winner

garden lightWow! This has got to be one of my all time favorite decor ideas. Cost efficient, lots of creative possibilities and it combines elements of water, light, earth and air.  Flow with the seasons by changing the spring flowers to fall foliage or winter holly. Use colored water to add a rainbow of light or shades of your current palette. rainbowThe test tube chandelier is made in Poland and was inspired by Madame Curie, the Polish chemist and the first woman awarded the Nobel Prize. Ships anywhere and is available on Etsy. Click here for order information. NOTE: Keep the glass tubes clean and clear. Change the water at least weekly – more frequently if you are using fresh flowers.

Clear as Glass

 I love glass table lamps. They’re what I call universal lamps because they fit virtually any room and any decor.  They move easily from home to office, blend with modern and antique furniture and they age well. The clear glass base adds light to a space even during the day and when the lamp is turned on you get that extra glow.  Drum shape shades go best with a variety of room decors. Shade colors can be changed depending on where the lamp is being used.  Stick with cream or white for neutral areas.  Choose black for a dramatic touch. The best part is they are easy on the budget.  You can find glass lamps around town starting at $60 and really nice choices for under $200.  Stay away from the “fillable” bases. The idea here is not to stuff anything – you want to create more light and clarity in your space. Be sure to keep the glass clean and sparkling, too!