No Blame, No Shame HOUSE CALL

Introducing House Call options from A CLEAR PLACE! No blame, no shame one-on-one private consultation by Jane Green, author, teacher and creator of A CLEAR PLACE and STUFFication© workshops. Expert advice in using what you have in a better way and letting go of what isn’t working for you. Lighthearted, tough love for you and your space. The doctor is in!

Choose from 60 minute or 30 minute phone consultation OR email photos of your challenge for a focused quick fix. You can also combine the options.

I designed the House Call to give people a fresh pair of eyes and expert insight while maintaining their privacy.  This can eliminate the guilt trip, the excuses and putting off what needs to get done.  It’s surprising how much comfort and reassurance can be shared with just one phone call. Wheels start turning, challenges dissolve and rooms come into focus once the “Green” light is on.

House Calls make great gifts, too.  Ideal for weddings, holidays, birthdays or new home. View consultation options and purchase on Etsy.

Chandelier Idea is a Clear Winner

garden lightWow! This has got to be one of my all time favorite decor ideas. Cost efficient, lots of creative possibilities and it combines elements of water, light, earth and air.  Flow with the seasons by changing the spring flowers to fall foliage or winter holly. Use colored water to add a rainbow of light or shades of your current palette. rainbowThe test tube chandelier is made in Poland and was inspired by Madame Curie, the Polish chemist and the first woman awarded the Nobel Prize. Ships anywhere and is available on Etsy. Click here for order information. NOTE: Keep the glass tubes clean and clear. Change the water at least weekly – more frequently if you are using fresh flowers.