Common Scents

Give your space a clear and uplifting energy boost with Orange Essential Oil.  Orange oil aromatherapy is known to help with depression, seasonal disorder and feeling blue.  It’s the popular choice to make rooms inviting and welcoming for guests and/or home buyers. Use the oil in your electric diffuser or drop into a small pot of simmering water on the stove top.  Keep your counters clean and brighten the energy all around you by adding a few drops of orange oil into a mister of water and use on a clean cloth.

Orange oil comes in both bitter and sweet varieties. Sweet is the most commonly used. I prefer the subtle fragrance of the bitter oil. Experiment with the one you like most.

TIP: Don’t throw away your orange peels. Stud them with a few whole cloves or pieces of cinnamon bark and toss into a pot of water and heat for a warm and spicy fragrance. Adding a bag or two of chai tea will increase the pleasing aroma.

WARNING: Orange oil should NOT be applied directly to the skin. Be sure to use only AUTHENTIC essential oils that show the source and botanical name. Synthetics can cause adverse reactions. If you are in doubt, drop me a line and I’ll give you some guidance on selection.

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