Repurpose Your Wine Tote – Tip #2

ACP postThis would seem like a no brainer but if you haven’t thought of it, wine totes make nifty carriers for cleaning supplies. Whether you’re moving from room to room or house to house, these divided bags make sense. There’s even room left for a sponge or two on top. Stores easily under the kitchen sink or tucked alongside the fridge. Miss Tip #1? Catch it here.

You meet the nicest people! Always a treat to hear from earth friendly folks. Blogger and Bay area resident, Danielle, wrote in response to Tip #1 and we had a nice exchange of repurposing ideas. Check out her lively and fun posts and all that she’s doing to spread the word on sustainability. Danielle@NoNeedForMars,

Gifting Green is a Clear Choice

winter designACP Deck the halls! I’m celebrating the season with FREE earth friendly gift wrap for all holiday orders. So just what makes these ACP Wisdom Cards so special?  Click here to find out why these decks are the perfect way to gift green!

Save by Going Cold

“90% of the energy consumed by your washing machine is used simply to heat water.” That’s a statement that stops me cold. Given the savings options, why would anyone choose NOT to use the cold water setting? Maybe it’s because we translate hotter into cleaner. While it’s true that hot water may dissolve certain things like grease more easily, studies on killing germs show that cold is just as effective in getting rid of dirt and bacteria as warm or hot water. And with today’s detergents that offer cold water cleaning agents, there is no reason to hit the hot button anymore. So GO COLD when doing your laundry and start seeing the savings. Quote is from ASE’s Top 10 Tips for Energy-Efficient Laundry. NOTE: Be sure to use eco friendly detergents and cleaning products. Click here for suggestions on green cleaning.

Common Scents

Give your space a clear and uplifting energy boost with Orange Essential Oil.  Orange oil aromatherapy is known to help with depression, seasonal disorder and feeling blue.  It’s the popular choice to make rooms inviting and welcoming for guests and/or home buyers. Use the oil in your electric diffuser or drop into a small pot of simmering water on the stove top.  Keep your counters clean and brighten the energy all around you by adding a few drops of orange oil into a mister of water and use on a clean cloth.

Orange oil comes in both bitter and sweet varieties. Sweet is the most commonly used. I prefer the subtle fragrance of the bitter oil. Experiment with the one you like most.

TIP: Don’t throw away your orange peels. Stud them with a few whole cloves or pieces of cinnamon bark and toss into a pot of water and heat for a warm and spicy fragrance. Adding a bag or two of chai tea will increase the pleasing aroma.

WARNING: Orange oil should NOT be applied directly to the skin. Be sure to use only AUTHENTIC essential oils that show the source and botanical name. Synthetics can cause adverse reactions. If you are in doubt, drop me a line and I’ll give you some guidance on selection.