Oprah Gets Clear

 Letting go of stuff is certainly a hot topic.  From coast to coast people are starting to catch the wave of clearing out.  It’s not a new message – just one that is timely and appropriate in today’s economy.  We all have more stuff than we know what to do with and when our possessions start to dictate where and how we live … something’s gotta give.  When I talk to women who are dealing with financial challenges, depression and/or relationship issues; it’s not surprising to find that their home environment is less than nurturing. Stagnant energy caused by too much clutter, worn upholstery, stained carpets, crammed closets and overflowing cabinets all contribute to loss of self and ill-health.  It’s an impossible task to feel positive and uplifted when your surroundings are weighing you down at the office or at home. 

Take a look around your space today and spend some time visualizing what you would like to see in its place.  Start with a drawer or a bookcase and start purging. If you are one of the lucky ones who already has a perfect place, why not offer to help a friend or neighbor get their space cleared up?  It’s amazing how we can lighten the load and brighten the world with simple steps.  Overwhelmed and need some help?  ACP is here to help.  Contact your local STUFF-ication expert today! Read about our services.

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