Party with a Clear Purpose

My friend, Donna Coe, threw a fabulous downsizing party at her home on Super Bowl Sunday. She raised over $1200 for her two favorite charities, the Cheetah Conversation Fund and the Oregon Humane Society.  Friends and family shopped for bargains while sipping on wine and enjoying yummy treats from the kitchen.  Items were neatly displayed throughout the first floor and included everything from collectibles and crystal to posters and picture frames.  It was a perfect example of the kind of effort ACP encourages – a fun way to clean up, clear out and share more. If you are not the super event hostess that Donna is, ACP can help you organize and host your own “Clear Place Party” right down to the invitations and pricing your stuff.  You get the benefit of a lighter, clearer space and extra cash (to donate or pay some bills) and your guests have a chance to get something they can use at a great price and in a fun environment.  Everyone wins!    Contact us today to schedule your Clear Place Party!

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