Lunch and Learn

 Karen Wehrman introduces guest speaker, Jane Green, at Friday’s Lunch & Learn.  It was a great turnout and the room was filled with easy mingling and happy munching. Everyone enjoyed the “STUFF-ication” presentation and left with lots of ideas and tips on how to lighten their life and their space. 

Lunch & Learn is held every Friday at Old Wives Tales in SE PDX.  It’s a great way to connect with a diverse group of people.  You’ll meet realtors, coaches, writers, health practitioners, CPA’s, shop owners, sales reps, and more.  RSVP’s are required but there’s no fee to attend – and you don’t have to be an entrepreneur – just bring your desire to meet and learn.  Each week features a different topic.  For more information on attending contact Karen.  To book your own STUFF-ication presentation contact Jane.

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