World Water Day

Monday, March 22nd is World Water Day.  Here are simple ways for you to honor this global movement and show appreciation for our water planet:

Visualize – Whatever body of water you are close to – Lake Michigan, Lake Washington, New Smyrna Beach, the Willamette River or Tryon Creek – stand at a viewpoint and give thanks.  Visualize your love and gratitude as a beam of light flowing from your heart to the water.  See the beam become millions of stars of crystal light. The light fills the water and every living thing in it with healing energy. This energy is unlimited and without boundaries. It connects with every water source on Earth. End this blessing with the simple words “Water, I send you love and gratitude. All is well in our world.” 

If you are unable to visit a place of water – no problem.  You can create your own lake by filling a glass with tap water.  Add a little sea salt to represent cleansing. Do the same exercise as above and when you are finished, take the glass outside and pour the water into the ground. Visualize it seeping deep into the earth connecting with the world.  Another option is to place a photo of water in front of you and use the same visualization exercise as described above.

Listen – Click here to hear a lovely Water Day message from Louise Hay including her personal affirmations for peace.  Louise Hay

Learn – Click here to view water crystals and learn more about Dr. Masuru Emoto and his global mission of raising awareness about the power of intention and how what we think and feel matters to water and to the world.  Hado – energy basis of human consciousness

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