Between the Sheets

Nothing says comfort like flannel sheets (except maybe flannel pajamas).  Now is the time to get your bed cozy and soft for the winter nights.  There are lots of grades of cotton flannel – pick a brand you trust.  Flannels can bleed so select light-colored patterns or solids like white and cream.  Wash before using and then before you tumble dry – spritz the sheets with orange or lavender essential oil.  Fred Meyer has good deals right now on their flannel sheet sets. Skip the cheaper Everyday Living brand and get the HD Design – softer fabric, longer lasting and available in a variety of colors and patterns.  Here’s to a season of sweet dreams!

Pillow Talk

Found THE most comfy pillows I’ve had in years!  Squishy and soft just the way I like them.  I sleep with two so I can get just the right shape and angle.  Always wash your pillows before using (check label) and select the ActivFresh cycle if your machine has that option.  Mist a cotton pad with your energy clearing spray (or put a few drops of lavender essential oil onto a cotton ball) and tuck into the pillowcase for peaceful slumber.  JCPenney has their pillows on sale right now including down alternative so it’s a good time to replace those old ones.  Tomorrow we’ll take a peek at sheets!