What’s Behind YOUR Dryer?

IMG_20170517_132211You’re looking at what I found behind the dryer in my new apartment. Yep. A collection from the former tenant of stuff that went astray. At least nothing had legs. (I’ve heard some pretty scary stories involving bones and antennas.) Keeping it clear around appliances is an often overlooked task. Do your space – and your energy bill – a favor. Put time on your calendar to check and clean these hidden areas at least twice a year. Use a vacuum nozzle or microfiber brush to remove dust and lint build-up behind and under your washer/dryer. And, of course, empty the lint tray after every use. Clean ducts annually.  In the kitchen, pull that fridge out and vacuum the coils. Wash the floor and wall before sliding back in place. If you can’t move the stove, at least pull out the bottom storage drawer (if your model has one) and clean the newly exposed area that way. It’s a hassle well worth the effort. And who knows? You might unearth a long lost treasure. Ready to clean some more? Here are some easy tips on cleaning the inside of appliances (including the garbage disposal) worth a look: Washington Post. Okay – one last favorite item on laundry that’s good to know anytime of the year. Read my tip on this easy energy saver!

Say YES to Less!

Magic happens when you say YES to less!
Magic happens when you say YES to less!

You win on so many levels when you clear out your stuff.

This PDX homeowner saw firsthand the magic that can happen when you say YES to clearing out. Find out more and get FREE ACP Sorting Guide.

View “Say YES to Less” from A Clear Place.

HAPPY EARTH DAY … thanks for making it a clear one!

Gifting Green is a Clear Choice

winter designACP Deck the halls! I’m celebrating the season with FREE earth friendly gift wrap for all holiday orders. So just what makes these ACP Wisdom Cards so special?  Click here to find out why these decks are the perfect way to gift green!

Top 3 FREE Ways To Beat The Blues

Lighten your load and brighten your life … for free. This week’s Light Show features my top 3 favorites on how to turn your woes into wows. I’d love to hear which one you choose to do! Also included in the show is my illustrated tip on dealing with messy food scraps.

Take a few minutes and enjoy the Light Show now!

STUFF Sheds Light

 Love hearing from audience members who are putting the ideas into practice!  Julie G. writes:

“Thank you so much for the stuffication workshop on Tuesday 2/1 at the Beaverton Library.  It was both helpful and inspiring. 
I very much appreciated your brief history on how we got here.  The immediate post-war period in the U.S. was unique in that two major transformations converged: the advent of 1) credit cards and 2) mass advertising. Together these two innoventions ushered in an era of unprecedented economic growth fueled by consumer spending on products that people didn’t need and couldn’t afford.
Since the economic meltdown of 2008-2009, I have been amazed at government efforts to “increase consumer spending” in hopes that we can somehow get back to the halcion days of unregulated credit and out-of-control consumer spending. It was such a breath of fresh air to hear you give voice to the obvious: we will never get back there, and that is a good thing.  The future beckons us to spend less on “stuff” that we don’t need and can’t afford.

I came home from your workshop and made a plan for small incremental changes which I began today.  First books, then clothes, then kitchenstuff. This project of cleaning out which seemed so overwhelming to me before your workshop, now feels very doable.  Thank you!”

Get Clear and Go Green!

Getting rid of stuff that no longer serves a purpose is only one part of having a clear place. Another, equally important part, is being mindful about your purchases. I love finding fun and useful items that are eco friendly and multi-purpose. A few weeks ago, I discovered a place that is clearly a wonderful resource for just those kinds of things! In Corvalis, Oregon … who knew?

Dish Dumpling scrubbies made with agave twine, cleaning cloths woven with wood fiber, pure soy candles, clay colors for wall paint, barn wood furniture and SO much more.  Eco friendly and friendly folks – my favorite combination.  Read more about the Earth Smart Store here.

Spring Is Here!

Spring is finally here and we enter into the greening of our world. This is the season that celebrates promise, innocence and birth. The ruling element of air blows the winds of change – and we sense newness all about us. Now’s the perfect time to clear out your stuff and look at life with fresh eyes. Click below to get some fun and easy tips for spring cleaning.

 Let me see.

Between the Sheets

Nothing says comfort like flannel sheets (except maybe flannel pajamas).  Now is the time to get your bed cozy and soft for the winter nights.  There are lots of grades of cotton flannel – pick a brand you trust.  Flannels can bleed so select light-colored patterns or solids like white and cream.  Wash before using and then before you tumble dry – spritz the sheets with orange or lavender essential oil.  Fred Meyer has good deals right now on their flannel sheet sets. Skip the cheaper Everyday Living brand and get the HD Design – softer fabric, longer lasting and available in a variety of colors and patterns.  Here’s to a season of sweet dreams!

Clean Up and Clear Out!

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