Wisdom Card of the Week – GRACE

Card of the Week GraceThere is a spirituality to nature that is undeniable. A cathedral of trees, a chapel of flowers – exquisite works of depth and beauty. Elegant ambassadors of light and grace. These messengers remind us to walk softly and be gentle with each other. We are, after all, in this home together.

Add a touch of grace to your home by bringing some nature indoors. A simple blossom or image of one, like this GRACE card, is all it takes. Flowers vibrate at a very fine frequency and help balance heavy or dark areas of your space. Place a flower near the photo of a loved one to honor your connection. Be sure to keep the water clean and blossoms fresh.

About this photo: This is one of the twenty Focus Cards included in the deck that enhance the Elements, Seasons, Sun and Moon cards. Giant irises remind me of grand ladies. Stunning grace and elegant. This one was photographed during a trip to Seattle. She greeted me in my friend’s backyard – unannounced and beautiful.

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