Balance Matters

Balance cardStaying in balance is something we all strive for but it can seem a difficult and elusive task. It’s especially tough when weighed down by physical, emotional and mental STUFF! The latest ACP Enews shares some favorite ideas on how to get back to center. You’ll get a great breathing tool for releasing stress, read about a win/win “letting go of stuff” story and learn my top item to eliminate in your home in order to maintain balance. PLUS enter to win a deck of ACP Wisdom Cards for you or a friend. Just taking a few moments to view the stunning sunset image will help create a positive shift.  Make 2017 the year to share the cheer and spread the clear! Read January ACP Enews here. 

The Energy of Passion

light-brain_132796_4Find out why passion matters and view examples of two gals on opposite corners of the country who prove it’s never too late to explore your own. Also, get a neat repurposing packing tip and learn about a nonprofit whose mission combines education, recycling and art around the globe. View A Clear News November and Happy Thanksgiving!

The Power of Gratitude

card of the weekBeing thankful for what you have is the surest way to love where you are. If you are not happy with your place or your space, you have the power to change it. It’s called gratitude. You can shift your world by blessing it. Start right now by looking around your room and saying thank you. When you walk into your home say thank you. Practice mindful placement of your belongings. And always give and receive with gratitude.

Giving thanks begins in the heart. It’s where all healing starts. Connect with your heart-self by bringing nature close to you. Its energy will lift you and your space. Simple. A single flower is a good way to start.

About this photo: Flowers vibrate at a high frequency, especially roses. This spray rose beauty greeted me in my backyard one afternoon. The fragrance called to me even before I saw the blossoms. Pink and green are the colors of the heart chakra so this photo was perfect for the GRATITUDE card.

Holiday Tip: Place this card on your table at Thanksgiving. Pass it around to each guest and let them share what they are grateful for this season.  Dining alone? Start a gratitude list on paper. Add something new each day of the season. Don’t have your WISDOM CARDS yet? Click here to order your deck today!

Wisdom Card of the Week – GRACE

Card of the Week GraceThere is a spirituality to nature that is undeniable. A cathedral of trees, a chapel of flowers – exquisite works of depth and beauty. Elegant ambassadors of light and grace. These messengers remind us to walk softly and be gentle with each other. We are, after all, in this home together.

Add a touch of grace to your home by bringing some nature indoors. A simple blossom or image of one, like this GRACE card, is all it takes. Flowers vibrate at a very fine frequency and help balance heavy or dark areas of your space. Place a flower near the photo of a loved one to honor your connection. Be sure to keep the water clean and blossoms fresh.

About this photo: This is one of the twenty Focus Cards included in the deck that enhance the Elements, Seasons, Sun and Moon cards. Giant irises remind me of grand ladies. Stunning grace and elegant. This one was photographed during a trip to Seattle. She greeted me in my friend’s backyard – unannounced and beautiful.

Find out more about adding beauty to your home and your life with A Clear Place WISDOM CARDS – now available on Etsy!

Wisdom Card of the Week – SPRING

Spring cardSPRING is the Season of new beginnings and budding ideas. It’s a perfect time to bring balance to your home and create harmony. Use pinks and greens in your decor to represent the colors of the heart. Diffuse essential oils of pink grapefruit or rosemary for freshness. Place images in your room of baby animals, heart shapes, flower buds … all things green.

Corresponds with the Element of AIR, the direction of the EAST and the infant/child cycle of life.

The Photo: I captured this budding Pink Rhododendron at the Elk Rock Garden at the Bishop’s Close in Lake Oswego, OR.

Special note: I chose this card as the cover for A Clear Place WISDOM CARDS deck because they are from the heart and bring creative ideas for bringing harmony and balance to your home. Learn more about SPRING and this unique card deck.

Spring Is Here!

Spring is finally here and we enter into the greening of our world. This is the season that celebrates promise, innocence and birth. The ruling element of air blows the winds of change – and we sense newness all about us. Now’s the perfect time to clear out your stuff and look at life with fresh eyes. Click below to get some fun and easy tips for spring cleaning.

 Let me see.

Lighten Up

 Light can come from the most wonderful sources.  I love how a recent rain shower left this bare maple looking like it was dresssed in twinkle lights! Be inspired by the simple joys of nature and bring the outdoors inside.  String mini-lights across a door or window frame. Or weave a strand of white lights through your indoor plants. 

During the season of Winter, it’s especially nice to have some extra light around us to keep our hearts warm and bring a smile to our spirits.  Right now, take a look outside to discover what light wonders are waiting.  Have fun finding ways of bringing nature’s gifts into your home and office. 

Appreciating the simple things is a wonderful way to keep your energy and your space clear.


 Music can play a HUGE part in how your space feels.  It sets the mood, enhances themes and changes the vibration around you.  And like items on a bulletin board – music can be clean and crisp or chaotic.  Acapella groups capture the pure notes of music in a way that always refreshes me. This season, treat yourself to the pure joy and magic of  Straight, No Chaser.  (You might have caught the OPB special that aired last night.) These guys are pure fun and perform old standards in amazingly new renditions. (Plus they’re really cute!)  They have several holiday CD’s available and any of them would be a perfect choice to brighten your space!  Go to Straight, No Chaser website.