Fall Clearing Tips, Free Deals and a Feisty Friend in Sept Enews

img_20160922_125553.jpgIt’s here! A Clear Place September Enews. Meet my feisty 86 yr. old friend and learn how she’s still making a difference; get an update and helpful recycling link from Earth911; get a quick tip on organizing your clearing and download a FREE sorting guide. And, in honor of Autumn – the season of letting go – get FREE shipping on ACP Wisdom Cards. All this and more. Happy Fall and happy clearing! View Enews now.

Clear News Feb 2016

IMG_20160207_150114Learn about the queen of spices and how you can support efforts by Heifer Intl to raise its farmers out of poverty; peek inside a $20k home designed by Rural Studio; get an online tool that helps you determine the dollar value of your stuff; listen to my top picks for music guaranteed to put a wiggle in your clearing out tasks … and more. View Clear Ways to A Better World – February 2016. Enjoy!

New Format for ACP Clear News

UntitledChallenge: Find a better way to present multiple topics, links and graphics on one page that all open easily with mobile devices. It needs to look good and inspire action. Oh … it should also have a personal vibe and consistent quality. Something that’s professional yet warm and, of course, always clear in voice and message.  Result: Today I launch my latest Clear News format … thanks to MailChimp and lots of pots of jasmine tea. Hope you enjoy it!

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Repurpose Your Wine Tote – Tip #2

ACP postThis would seem like a no brainer but if you haven’t thought of it, wine totes make nifty carriers for cleaning supplies. Whether you’re moving from room to room or house to house, these divided bags make sense. There’s even room left for a sponge or two on top. Stores easily under the kitchen sink or tucked alongside the fridge. Miss Tip #1? Catch it here.

You meet the nicest people! Always a treat to hear from earth friendly folks. Blogger and Bay area resident, Danielle, wrote in response to Tip #1 and we had a nice exchange of repurposing ideas. Check out her lively and fun posts and all that she’s doing to spread the word on sustainability. Danielle@NoNeedForMars,

Wisdom Card of the Week – GRACE

Card of the Week GraceThere is a spirituality to nature that is undeniable. A cathedral of trees, a chapel of flowers – exquisite works of depth and beauty. Elegant ambassadors of light and grace. These messengers remind us to walk softly and be gentle with each other. We are, after all, in this home together.

Add a touch of grace to your home by bringing some nature indoors. A simple blossom or image of one, like this GRACE card, is all it takes. Flowers vibrate at a very fine frequency and help balance heavy or dark areas of your space. Place a flower near the photo of a loved one to honor your connection. Be sure to keep the water clean and blossoms fresh.

About this photo: This is one of the twenty Focus Cards included in the deck that enhance the Elements, Seasons, Sun and Moon cards. Giant irises remind me of grand ladies. Stunning grace and elegant. This one was photographed during a trip to Seattle. She greeted me in my friend’s backyard – unannounced and beautiful.

Find out more about adding beauty to your home and your life with A Clear Place WISDOM CARDS – now available on Etsy!

Ditch the Plastic on Turkey Day

Throw out the plastic wrap this holiday season and do your family and the planet a big favor. If you don’t know by now, plastic wrap is a single-use petroleum product and contains PVC, a dangerous toxic substance which can leach into your food during use and into the air when incinerated. In addition, plastics on their own are fairly rigid, so manufacturers generally add in softening chemicals called phthalates, which are known to cause hormonal disruption and developmental problems, and have been found to drift into food. Nothing like a little toxin-enhanced cranberry sauce! Instead, put leftovers into reusable containers (glass preferred). Even foil is a healthier, greener choice than plastic as it can be rinsed, reused and recycled. Note: Remember that even the wraps that are marketed as PVC free are still not accepted for recycling. Click here for for tips on enjoying a green Thanksgiving. Wishing you and your loved ones a day of green and gratitude!

Trading in City Lights for A Country Dream

From Kate Hudson to Hudson, Ohio is quite a leap. Find out how this man turned a Disney layoff into his dream come true. It’s a heartwarming, inspiring example of getting clear about the life you truly desire and following your heart. And when you have the courage to do that – the world is a better place. You don’t have to live in Ohio to take a cue from this sustainable lifestyle. Plant your seeds right where you are. Congratulations, Dan Soulsby and thanks for your efforts … here’s wishing you and your family continued success with the farm and with Project Garden Share!

Summer Light Show

Hints and links to brighten your day. This week’s mini-show features reading lists, donation suggestions, summer music and more. Check it out!