Good Side of Bad Weather

 The surest way to beat the blues of bad weather or tough times is to do something to help out yourself or someone else.  And one of my favorite ways of doing both is to CLEAR out your stuff. Next time you are snowed in or feeling snowed under, here are 4 simple, FREE ways to feel better:

  • Open up your junk drawer(s) and start purging.
  • Get out your photos and sort them into envelopes to send to your loved ones – or scan into your computer for easy storage.
  • Clear up your email Inbox. Archive or delete old correspondence.
  • Go through your kitchen cupboards and discard any expired items.

Remember to recycle and reuse what you can. Don’t hold on to outdated anything. Clearing your place will have an immediate “feel lighter” effect on you and it’s a productive, proactive way to beat the blues and make the world a brighter place. Note: While you are clearing out, think about doing more precycling and easing your burdens by buying less to begin with … what a great way to welcome in a new year!