Solution for Styrofoam Scourge

Styrofoam (1)The waste industry has made major strides in coming up with ways to recycle our refuse. Everything that is except those ginormous blocks of Styrofoam. You know the ones – hermetically sealing everything from flat screen TV’s to furniture and glassware. Even if you break them down into tiny pieces, the choice for disposal is still an ugly one: landfill. UPS takes peanuts but not blocks. The only recycling center in Portland that took Styrofoam stopped accepting it in March. Now what? Enter Agilyx – an energy alternative company located in Tigard, OR. Implementing new technology in renewable energy and chemical recycling with a focus on environmental impact; the company broke ground this year on a facility that will convert polystyrene foam (foam cups, packaging materials) into styrene monomer. Reducing to the monomer form allows for global reuse in tons of ways. Fuel, helmets, housing … sky’s the limit. Best part for Portlanders? Consumers can drop off their Styrofoam for free. YAY! I spoke with the folks at Agilyx to confirm the free part and they shared that there are bins available 24/7 at their facility. Make sure your foam has the “6” on it and that it is clean and dry.  If you are a business or have more than a truck load, contact Agilyx  at 503-217-3160 to schedule a drop off time. Click here for map and more info. Not in the PDX area? Visit Home for Foam to find recycling near you. Until manufacturers are mandated to use earth friendly packaging, let’s do our best to dispose of stuff mindfully. Here’s to creative solutions and making Earth a clearer home for everyone.

Photo courtesy of NRWS, Paradise, CA.

Fall Clearing Tips, Free Deals and a Feisty Friend in Sept Enews

img_20160922_125553.jpgIt’s here! A Clear Place September Enews. Meet my feisty 86 yr. old friend and learn how she’s still making a difference; get an update and helpful recycling link from Earth911; get a quick tip on organizing your clearing and download a FREE sorting guide. And, in honor of Autumn – the season of letting go – get FREE shipping on ACP Wisdom Cards. All this and more. Happy Fall and happy clearing! View Enews now.

New Format for ACP Clear News

UntitledChallenge: Find a better way to present multiple topics, links and graphics on one page that all open easily with mobile devices. It needs to look good and inspire action. Oh … it should also have a personal vibe and consistent quality. Something that’s professional yet warm and, of course, always clear in voice and message.  Result: Today I launch my latest Clear News format … thanks to MailChimp and lots of pots of jasmine tea. Hope you enjoy it!

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Tis the Season for Trash – or Not

dump giftAccording to the EPA, Americans generate 25% more trash than usual between Thanksgiving and New Years. That’s about an additional 25 million tons.* We’re talking a LOT of empty containers of eggnog and canned yams! Not to mention all the cards, paper and gift boxes that still get thrown in the garbage instead of the recycle bin. This season, make a promise and an effort to gift Mother Earth. Here are a few ways to start: Read more.

*EPA Source – Consumer Reports December 2015

HP Instant Ink is a Clear Deal

inkI love smart technology that works with you and the planet. HP Instant Ink is one of those ideas that makes sense. Register online, pick your plan (I went with the $4.99 per month option but can change at any time) and get printing. They track your usage and ship your ink when you need it before you run out. No worries about picking the right replacement at the store. Cartridges are recycled. Ink is cheaper. HP quality. What’s not to like? Check it out. HP Instant Ink

Earth 911

Did you know there are over 50 places to recycle batteries in the Portland area? What about eyeglasses, paint supplies or those old video tapes? The Earth911 website provides one of the best resource directories I’ve seen for recycling and living green. Just put in the item you want to recycle and your zipcode. Up pops a list of sites and links starting with the closest to your area. It’s a national directory so even friends back east and in the south can find help. Donation sites included, too. The website also provides green tips for businesses and lots of  reuse and recycle how-to’s. Check it out!

Good Side of Bad Weather

 The surest way to beat the blues of bad weather or tough times is to do something to help out yourself or someone else.  And one of my favorite ways of doing both is to CLEAR out your stuff. Next time you are snowed in or feeling snowed under, here are 4 simple, FREE ways to feel better:

  • Open up your junk drawer(s) and start purging.
  • Get out your photos and sort them into envelopes to send to your loved ones – or scan into your computer for easy storage.
  • Clear up your email Inbox. Archive or delete old correspondence.
  • Go through your kitchen cupboards and discard any expired items.

Remember to recycle and reuse what you can. Don’t hold on to outdated anything. Clearing your place will have an immediate “feel lighter” effect on you and it’s a productive, proactive way to beat the blues and make the world a brighter place. Note: While you are clearing out, think about doing more precycling and easing your burdens by buying less to begin with … what a great way to welcome in a new year!

ReGift Service reclaims Spirit of Giving

Budget friendly and kind to the planet, ReGifting helps you clear your space and gift someone else at the same time.  You’d be surprised at how much you have on hand that would make a great gift … with a clever and creative assist.  Includes wrapping and enclosure cards. You clear your space and give with intention at the same time.  “Brilliant–simply brilliant!!!!”    

“This is brilliant … it has such merit.”  

“What a great idea Jane.  I love it!!”

4 hours    $125  includes wrapping and personalized gift cards