Living in a clear place and staying well go hand in hand.  It’s hard to do one without the other. Because the holidays call for more socializing and people contact, you may need an extra immune boost.  Here are my personal  proven suggestions to help you stay well year-round.  No prescription, no brainer aids that are easy on the pocket-book, fast and effective!

  • SaltAire-Sinus Relief: You’ve GOT to keep your nasal passages moist to avoid sinus problems and infections. The dry air of winter combined with indoor heat makes us especially vulnerable. If snorting salt water up your nose is too gross – this premixed, drug free nasal wash does the trick. A few gentle squeezes over the sink and you’re good to go.  For away from home, try NOW Activated Nasal Mist in 2 oz. travel size.
  • Gan Mao Ling: Chinese Herbal formula that takes care of cold symptoms ASAP.  3-6 tablets, 3 x day.  Simple and SO inexpensive. (Less than $9 for 100.) Be sure to get a trusted brand like Plum Flower.
  • Chuan Xin Lian: The heavy guns for flu, infections and really yucky stuff.  Knocks out bugs almost overnight! Another bargain at $9 for 100 and you’ll only need a few doses.  Again, get a trusted brand.

All the above are available at your local healthier food stores and nutrition centers – or private practitioners.  Note: Follow label directions and check with your doctor if you are currently under care. 

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