Yesterday, I shared my favorite cost-effective aids to stay healthy during the winter season.  Now, here are a few to help keep your emotions in balance. I keep them on hand year-round but find them especially helpful during holidays and the shorter days of Winter. New Seasons has them on sale until the 15th for $9.99 each (regular $15.50).

MUSTARD:  Helps you lighten your spirits and feel cheerful. Start your day with it.

WHITE CHESTNUT: Calms the mind and quiets the mental chatter. Great for bedtime.

MIMULUS:  Holidays can resurrect old feelings and fears. This remedy helps quiet the fears and give you courage to move ahead. An excellent choice for those out of work right now or on their own – and anyone with money worries. NOTE: If you know for sure where your fear stems from try ASPEN to help lessen the grip.

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