What’s Your Home JOY Factor?

JoyEvery home has a JOY factor. How would you rate yours? It doesn’t matter if you live in a 4k sq. ft. home or a studio apartment, your space should be a source of cheer. A refuge of welcome and an uplifting place to dwell. If your home (and or office) isn’t making you smile, look to nature for inspiration and countless remedies to banish the blues. From clearing and cleaning your space to refreshing and uplifting your spirits, bringing nature indoors helps you connect to the bright side of life. To get you started, click here for my quick pdf guide, Energy Boosts from A Clear Place, a how-to for lifting your spirits and home energy by using essential oils and energy essences. Meanwhile, display this card whenever you need a lift. Place in a dark or cool corner of your home to add warmth. Pin it next to your mirror as a reminder to smile. Don’t have your Wisdom Cards yet? Order here and take your joy factor from a two to a ten!

About this photo: Always pointing to the sun, this giant sunflower was a perfect choice for the JOY card. Brilliant petals against the bright blue sky of a warm summer day … the energy makes my heart smile. Taken at Skyline Farm just west of Portland.


INSPIRATION – Card of the Week

compressed butterflyNature’s beauty is the original design tool. Nothing beats Mother Nature when it comes to amazing composition and breathtaking beauty. Simple, intricate, elegant and timeless. She is a continual source of inspiration for colors, textures, patterns and combinations. When in doubt, look to nature for ideas on color palettes and decor. Walk in the woods, spend time in a garden, look out your window. There is so much on display. Browse through photo books of fields, flowers, birds and insects. What appeals to you? Trust your choices.

About this photo: This image was the inspiration for my Wisdom Cards. Getting up close and personal with this majestic Monarch reminded me of watching my Mom select fabrics for sewing or upholstery. Always with an eye to detail and patterns. Whoever thought to first put polka dots on paper or create stained glass windows must have seen a butterfly or two just like this one. I took this photo at the Lukas Butterfly Encounter in Oviedo, FL. If you’ve ever had a butterfly land on your finger and stay awhile, you know how special it is to connect with these winged wonders. Butterfly energy is strong and majestic yet playful and delicate. It is the combination of all we need to know in order to survive … beautifully.

Bring the magic of nature into your space. Get your deck of Wisdom Cards today.


Living in a clear place and staying well go hand in hand.  It’s hard to do one without the other. Because the holidays call for more socializing and people contact, you may need an extra immune boost.  Here are my personal  proven suggestions to help you stay well year-round.  No prescription, no brainer aids that are easy on the pocket-book, fast and effective!

  • SaltAire-Sinus Relief: You’ve GOT to keep your nasal passages moist to avoid sinus problems and infections. The dry air of winter combined with indoor heat makes us especially vulnerable. If snorting salt water up your nose is too gross – this premixed, drug free nasal wash does the trick. A few gentle squeezes over the sink and you’re good to go.  For away from home, try NOW Activated Nasal Mist in 2 oz. travel size.
  • Gan Mao Ling: Chinese Herbal formula that takes care of cold symptoms ASAP.  3-6 tablets, 3 x day.  Simple and SO inexpensive. (Less than $9 for 100.) Be sure to get a trusted brand like Plum Flower.
  • Chuan Xin Lian: The heavy guns for flu, infections and really yucky stuff.  Knocks out bugs almost overnight! Another bargain at $9 for 100 and you’ll only need a few doses.  Again, get a trusted brand.

All the above are available at your local healthier food stores and nutrition centers – or private practitioners.  Note: Follow label directions and check with your doctor if you are currently under care.