Card of the Week – SUMMER

card of the week SummerSUMMER energy celebrates the sweetness of life. Lush fruits, fields of flowers – days are buzzing and hot. This is the time of manifesting and expressing. Being out there in a bold way. Passionate pursuits and fueling the flames of enterprise. Summer is all about sizzle and sparks and connecting to your wild side. Bring Summer energy into your home with yellows and bright, cheery tones of color. Use sheer or linen fabrics. Images of dragonflies and daisies. Put out bowls of fresh citrus. Use essential oils of lemon, lavender and grapefruit. Clean your patios, porches and barbeques.

Corresponds to the Element of FIRE, the direction of South, the afternoon and the age cycle of young adults.

About this photo: This plump bee allowed me to capture him as he was enjoying a delicious dahlia in a sunny field in Canby, OR. Place this card in any area of your space that needs a mood lift or  momentum for projects!

Learn more about balancing with the Seasons and A Clear Place WISDOM CARDS. (Now available on Etsy.)

Happy Summer everyone!

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