FIRE – Wisdom Card of the Week

card of the week FIREThe element of Fire speaks to fueling your passion. What are you bursting to do? Take if off the back burner – light a fire under your dreams to make them manifest. In your home, add FIRE energy to spark up your love life by bringing in sensual silks and satins to your bedroom. Use rich tones of orange and red for accent colors. Think round and full and lush. Pomegranates, plums and melons. Diffuse essential oils of ylang, ylang or jasmine in your bedroom and bath area. Incorporate images of fireworks, tropical flowers, the sun or jungle cats. FIRE energy can be added wherever you need a boost to get things done. Wear that red sweater when you are low on energy. A word of caution: as with any art; a little bit of red goes a long way. Try an accent pillow, rug or lamp vs. painting a whole room.

The Element of FIRE corresponds to the season of Summer and the direction of the South.

About this photo: I found this brilliant red hibiscus bursting out over a sidewalk in Maitlin, FL. It couldn’t be contained in the yard and was spreading its glorious self beyond borders. The perfect image for FIRE!

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Card of the Week SUN

SUN CardThe Sun is bold, bright and out there. This energy is about how you project yourself in the world. The “look at me” side of you and how you show up. Think of the old fashioned sun room. It was typically built extending out from the house with lots of windows. It was designed to be filled with natural light – a perfect spot for recovering from ailments. Use SUN energy to bring warmth and cheer to any area of your home needing light or a lift. Hang a smiley sun image or a bright beach towel on the wall. Even one focused area of SUN can generate a shift in mood and tone.  Diffuse essential oils of lemon or citrus blend, put out a vase of sunflowers (fresh or silk), add bright yellow to your palette. A bowl of lemons is a simple way to brighten any room.

Corresponds to Summer and the element of Fire. Contrasting partner is Moon.

About this photo: I snapped this on a summer afternoon in a farmer’s field located in the far west hills of Portland, OR. Sunflowers always turn their faces to the sun … the perfect choice for this card.

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Card of the Week – SUMMER

card of the week SummerSUMMER energy celebrates the sweetness of life. Lush fruits, fields of flowers – days are buzzing and hot. This is the time of manifesting and expressing. Being out there in a bold way. Passionate pursuits and fueling the flames of enterprise. Summer is all about sizzle and sparks and connecting to your wild side. Bring Summer energy into your home with yellows and bright, cheery tones of color. Use sheer or linen fabrics. Images of dragonflies and daisies. Put out bowls of fresh citrus. Use essential oils of lemon, lavender and grapefruit. Clean your patios, porches and barbeques.

Corresponds to the Element of FIRE, the direction of South, the afternoon and the age cycle of young adults.

About this photo: This plump bee allowed me to capture him as he was enjoying a delicious dahlia in a sunny field in Canby, OR. Place this card in any area of your space that needs a mood lift or  momentum for projects!

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Happy Summer everyone!

Get Clear for Summer!

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Note: Grab dinner or a snack at one of the popular spots within two blocks of the store including Black Cat, Tin Shed and Fuel.