Wheel Gratitude

Happy 10th Birthday, Snowball. Here’s to ten more!

Your car is a rolling reflection of your attitude and your energy … it’s important to extend your clearing practices out to your wheels.

Do you have a great relationship with your car? Want an even better one?

Click here to find out how to create good “CAR”ma!

Need a Ride? Try Ridejoy and Save!

Here’s a great way to save money, reduce stress and do the planet a favor. Ridejoy. Next time you’re planning a trip, just go to the website’s “Request a Ride” page and punch in the “to and from” to get a list of who is going your way. If you are the one behind the wheel and could use some gas money, list yourself in the “Offer A Ride” section so folks can contact you. There are over 940 cities currently in the network so chances are pretty good that you’ll find a lift. Price is determined by the driver and is usually just to cover gas expense. What a smart way to connect with others and conserve natural resources. The friendly folks at Ridejoy make it all very easy. Visit the Ridejoy site now and get ready to hit the highway. Happy trails!