Card of the Week SUN

SUN CardThe Sun is bold, bright and out there. This energy is about how you project yourself in the world. The “look at me” side of you and how you show up. Think of the old fashioned sun room. It was typically built extending out from the house with lots of windows. It was designed to be filled with natural light – a perfect spot for recovering from ailments. Use SUN energy to bring warmth and cheer to any area of your home needing light or a lift. Hang a smiley sun image or a bright beach towel on the wall. Even one focused area of SUN can generate a shift in mood and tone.¬† Diffuse essential oils of lemon or citrus blend, put out a vase of sunflowers (fresh or silk), add bright yellow to your palette. A bowl of lemons is a simple way to brighten any room.

Corresponds to Summer and the element of Fire. Contrasting partner is Moon.

About this photo: I snapped this on a summer afternoon in a farmer’s field located in the far west hills of Portland, OR. Sunflowers always turn their faces to the sun … the perfect choice for this card.

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Getting A Clearer Perspective

Giant MagnoliaThese photos were taken yesterday just minutes apart of each other. Both show the same giant magnolia. All I did was move to the other side of the tree. Two very different effects. Two very different moods. One depicts the cool presence of the moon fading in the morning sky. The other shows the brilliance of the sun bursting through with all its fiery power. Like the giant blossoms, we rely on both the sun star and the moon for balance and beauty. The next time you are trying to get clear about a challenge with your home – anything from how to arrange furniture to how to create more space in your place – try shifting your position just a bit. Move to the other side of the room, sit in the middle of the floor, stand on a step stool – you might be surprised at the options that appear from a fresh perspective. See you on the clear side!

Note: For inspired ideas on Sun and Moon Energy, visit my Pinterest boards.