What’s Your Home JOY Factor?

JoyEvery home has a JOY factor. How would you rate yours? It doesn’t matter if you live in a 4k sq. ft. home or a studio apartment, your space should be a source of cheer. A refuge of welcome and an uplifting place to dwell. If your home (and or office) isn’t making you smile, look to nature for inspiration and countless remedies to banish the blues. From clearing and cleaning your space to refreshing and uplifting your spirits, bringing nature indoors helps you connect to the bright side of life. To get you started, click here for my quick pdf guide, Energy Boosts from A Clear Place, a how-to for lifting your spirits and home energy by using essential oils and energy essences. Meanwhile, display this card whenever you need a lift. Place in a dark or cool corner of your home to add warmth. Pin it next to your mirror as a reminder to smile. Don’t have your Wisdom Cards yet? Order here and take your joy factor from a two to a ten!

About this photo: Always pointing to the sun, this giant sunflower was a perfect choice for the JOY card. Brilliant petals against the bright blue sky of a warm summer day … the energy makes my heart smile. Taken at Skyline Farm just west of Portland.


Card of the Week SUN

SUN CardThe Sun is bold, bright and out there. This energy is about how you project yourself in the world. The “look at me” side of you and how you show up. Think of the old fashioned sun room. It was typically built extending out from the house with lots of windows. It was designed to be filled with natural light – a perfect spot for recovering from ailments. Use SUN energy to bring warmth and cheer to any area of your home needing light or a lift. Hang a smiley sun image or a bright beach towel on the wall. Even one focused area of SUN can generate a shift in mood and tone.  Diffuse essential oils of lemon or citrus blend, put out a vase of sunflowers (fresh or silk), add bright yellow to your palette. A bowl of lemons is a simple way to brighten any room.

Corresponds to Summer and the element of Fire. Contrasting partner is Moon.

About this photo: I snapped this on a summer afternoon in a farmer’s field located in the far west hills of Portland, OR. Sunflowers always turn their faces to the sun … the perfect choice for this card.

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