Are You Being Greenwashed?

It’s no secret that marketing execs have been riding the “green” trend to sell products. Everything from sandwich bread to socks has been slapped with labels reading “natural” and “organic” faster than you can say Mother Earth. Unfortunately, no one is regulating the ingredients. Except in the case of organic food products, anything and everything can go into the manufacturing and the label can say whatever the marketing guys want it to to make it fly off the shelf. And who is the worst offender? The cosmetic industry. Aveeno, Herbal Essences, St. Ives, Estee Lauder … ring any bells? Annie Leonard, my number one go to expert on stuff, has done another  fabulous job of giving us consumers the inside story of just how the giants are poisoning our bodies and the environment with shampoos, deodorants and cosmetics. And, as always, she does it in a fun and brilliant way. Watch her Story of Cosmetics now!

Friends at the Fair

Fun to see friendly faces at yesterday’s Sustainabilty Fair in Garden Home. Also enjoyed getting updates from STUFF-ication fans. Thanks, Garden Home Library, for sponsoring this annual event and increasing awareness for sustainable options.

Here are just two of the vendors on hand who are definitely worth visiting. Both have retails stores on the eastside of PDX. First up is The One Stop Sustainability Shop on NE Alberta. Barbara offers a super variety of products for the house, pets and kids including locally made items. One Stop also provides workshops on earth friendly topics and has a dedicated spirit that makes going green all the more enjoyable.

Ecohaus specializes in green products for building and remodeling. Their showroom on SE Taylor provides great ideas for flooring including cork and bamboo, eco-friendly carpet choices and beautiful tile options. I love the seaglass and ocean colors they were showing yesterday. The showroom is open 7 days a week for your convenience. Let me know what you think!

Cleaning Tips

One of the frequent questions asked at the STUFF-ication seminars is: “How do I know which cleaning products are safe to use?” Get some great tips on earth friendly products and how-to suggestions by viewing this edition of Clear Tip of the Week. You’ll also find a link that provides recipes for creating your own non-toxic household cleaners. One of the key elements of having a clear place is keeping it clean. Get started today! Show me how.

Get Clear and Go Green!

Getting rid of stuff that no longer serves a purpose is only one part of having a clear place. Another, equally important part, is being mindful about your purchases. I love finding fun and useful items that are eco friendly and multi-purpose. A few weeks ago, I discovered a place that is clearly a wonderful resource for just those kinds of things! In Corvalis, Oregon … who knew?

Dish Dumpling scrubbies made with agave twine, cleaning cloths woven with wood fiber, pure soy candles, clay colors for wall paint, barn wood furniture and SO much more.  Eco friendly and friendly folks – my favorite combination.  Read more about the Earth Smart Store here.