FREE Eco Cards with Purchase

cardNEW!  Clear Place Greeting Cards to compliment the ACP Wisdom Card deck.
  • handmade using assorted images from the deck
  • 100% recycled brown bag card stock
  • matching heavy duty envelope
  • 5.5 x 4 – blank inside to work for any occasion
Get TWO Clear Place Greeting Cards FREE with each deck of ACP Wisdom Cards. Give the deck that makes a difference!

Good To Know:
It mattered to me that the printing process reflected the message of mindful living. Both the deck and the box are printed in the USA and with 100% wind power.What better way to showcase the natural beauty that I so loved capturing with the camera?

Purchase options: Paypal/Credit Cards or Local/Cash/Check.

Enjoy & thank you for your efforts in keeping the earth a clear place!

Say YES to Less!

Magic happens when you say YES to less!
Magic happens when you say YES to less!

You win on so many levels when you clear out your stuff.

This PDX homeowner saw firsthand the magic that can happen when you say YES to clearing out. Find out more and get FREE ACP Sorting Guide.

View “Say YES to Less” from A Clear Place.

HAPPY EARTH DAY … thanks for making it a clear one!

So Long Shrink Wrap!

Wisdom CardsA happy announcement! It’s taken a long time and lots of starts and stops but I finally have eco packaging for the wonderful wind powered Wisdom Cards that are finding their way into homes across the country.

Gotta celebrate those victories! Click here to read all about it.

Put an Eco Lid on It

lily padIf you don’t already use silicone lids I encourage you to give them a try. All you really need is one. I was gifted with a Lily Pad Lid months ago and it has become one of my favorite kitchen tools. It looks cool, is super easy to keep clean and feels brand new even after daily use. I use it in the micro to steam all my veggies and in the toaster oven for baking. If I had a stove top, I’d use it there, too. The lid works on glass, stainless, silicone and plastic. The suction seals in moisture – if you need to vent during cooking, just leave a little gap when you put on the lid. When done, just rinse with water and hang to dry. Best part? No more plastic wrap! The lid comes in a variety of sizes. Mine is the 9″ option which I think is just perfect. You can pick other designs, too, like a pumpkin or sunflower. Fun and eco-friendly. Now that’s a clear combination! Available on line or at local stores like New Seasons, Home Goods and Bed, Bath and Beyond. Visit Charles Viancin to see style options.

Get Clear and Go Green!

Getting rid of stuff that no longer serves a purpose is only one part of having a clear place. Another, equally important part, is being mindful about your purchases. I love finding fun and useful items that are eco friendly and multi-purpose. A few weeks ago, I discovered a place that is clearly a wonderful resource for just those kinds of things! In Corvalis, Oregon … who knew?

Dish Dumpling scrubbies made with agave twine, cleaning cloths woven with wood fiber, pure soy candles, clay colors for wall paint, barn wood furniture and SO much more.  Eco friendly and friendly folks – my favorite combination.  Read more about the Earth Smart Store here.