Detach and Enjoy the Show!

Detach cardLetting go and detaching from the outcome takes practice. But as with most worthwhile endeavors, the more you do it … the better you will feel in body, mind and spirit. Learn more about this month’s Focus Card and this featured place in nature. One of my favorite vistas and photos! See it up close.

TRUST Your Space

Taken at Banks Lake near Grand Coulee, WA.

Create a place that feels safe. A refuge from the storm. It’s true that home is where the heart is. Be sure that wherever you are, your space reflects the magnificent prism that dwells within you. Nature gave us rainbows to remind us to trust, to smile and to know that with the right combination of elements – the world is still a beautiful place to live. 

About this photo: Following a torrential rain and wind storm, this awesome rainbow arched across the gorge like a crystal bridge. Suddenly, the air was soft and fresh and the Earth sparkled with delight. Hope restored. Trust renewed. 


WOW! Your cards arrived this afternoon and they are beautiful!!  I can’t wait to sit and meditate with them.   Kim K., FL