How to Recycle Mattresses –

mattressMy recent mattress purchase seemed a good time to send out a reminder on recycling options. Most donation centers don’t accept mattresses anymore and the ones that do have gotten tighter with their standards. My fav recycling resource, Earth911, just posted this nice guide including how to disassemble your mattress in order to save it from the landfill.

Fall Clearing Tips, Free Deals and a Feisty Friend in Sept Enews

img_20160922_125553.jpgIt’s here! A Clear Place September Enews. Meet my feisty 86 yr. old friend and learn how she’s still making a difference; get an update and helpful recycling link from Earth911; get a quick tip on organizing your clearing and download a FREE sorting guide. And, in honor of Autumn – the season of letting go – get FREE shipping on ACP Wisdom Cards. All this and more. Happy Fall and happy clearing! View Enews now.

Favorite Earth Day Tip

Time to share my annual Earth Day tip. Earth911 is my favorite resource for where to recycle whatever you have – wherever you are. It’s nationwide so you can send this link to friends and family all over the country. Super easy to use. Type in what you want to get rid of (recycle, donate) and then put in your zip code. Up pops your options including websites and contact info. Find a place fast for everything from mattresses to videos. LOVE it. Read more about this wonderful free resource on my earlier blog post. Remember, honor our Earth home everyday by being mindful of what you have and how you use it. Check out this and other resources for creating a clear place on my Resources Page.

Earth 911

Did you know there are over 50 places to recycle batteries in the Portland area? What about eyeglasses, paint supplies or those old video tapes? The Earth911 website provides one of the best resource directories I’ve seen for recycling and living green. Just put in the item you want to recycle and your zipcode. Up pops a list of sites and links starting with the closest to your area. It’s a national directory so even friends back east and in the south can find help. Donation sites included, too. The website also provides green tips for businesses and lots of  reuse and recycle how-to’s. Check it out!