What’s Love Got To Do With It?

IMG_20200118_151538Plenty! In the practice of clearing within and around you, love gives you the boost to persevere, remain open and reap the benefits of your efforts on multiple levels. Whether it’s self-care, the love from others, the love of life and being – or a combination of all of these – the energy of love is a super conductor when you are connected to it. Here’s the illustrated sequel to my broken cup story. A first hand example of how love can beautify the space in and around us. Take a look.

The Power of Self Love

downloadWe can all use a bit more self love. Make that a LOT more. The messages we tell ourselves matter most. Read the latest ACP Enews to find out why and get a simple way to start giving yourself good vibes right now. I also share a personal grief story and some tips on how to spread the warmth this winter season. Here’s to a warm, loving and clear new year! Take a look now.

The Power of Gratitude

card of the weekBeing thankful for what you have is the surest way to love where you are. If you are not happy with your place or your space, you have the power to change it. It’s called gratitude. You can shift your world by blessing it. Start right now by looking around your room and saying thank you. When you walk into your home say thank you. Practice mindful placement of your belongings. And always give and receive with gratitude.

Giving thanks begins in the heart. It’s where all healing starts. Connect with your heart-self by bringing nature close to you. Its energy will lift you and your space. Simple. A single flower is a good way to start.

About this photo: Flowers vibrate at a high frequency, especially roses. This spray rose beauty greeted me in my backyard one afternoon. The fragrance called to me even before I saw the blossoms. Pink and green are the colors of the heart chakra so this photo was perfect for the GRATITUDE card.

Holiday Tip: Place this card on your table at Thanksgiving. Pass it around to each guest and let them share what they are grateful for this season.¬† Dining alone? Start a gratitude list on paper. Add something new each day of the season. Don’t have your WISDOM CARDS yet? Click here to order your deck today!