Message from Spider

Web at my Window Jane Green 10/2014
Web at my Window
Jane Green 10/2014

Spiders usually evoke an “Eek!” response especially when they make a surprise visit. Or you inadvertently walk into one of their webs. But as with all of nature, they also have much to teach us if we take time to observe. Click here to find out what spider had to share at my place yesterday.

Fun Fact: Did you know that all spiders can make silk but not all spin webs? They use the silk for a variety of purposes including protecting their young (spiderlings), catching prey and for shelter. Male spiders deposit their sperm into the silk and retrieve it later when they find a willing mate.

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Message from a Mole

mole hillMoles have been considered the bane of perfect lawns since man first started to mow grass. But like all of nature’s creatures, their behavior can bring surprising insight if we take the time to listen. Click here to find out what Mr. Mole recently taught me: Message from a Mole.

Keeping Cool by Getting Clear

ClarityHot temps got you feeling drained? Want to know the simplest way to lower your AC bill and raise your spirits? How about a visual cooling off moment with the gorgeous Clarity card.  Click here to get cool! PS: Be sure to read the latest fan mail.

Before and After – Bedroom Bliss

oct cottage 006How do you create tranquil bedroom space? How about if there IS no bedroom? Why is the bedroom THE most important area of  your place? Click here to view the answers and learn more in Part Two of my cottage transformation. Sweet dreams!

Before and After – Light Matters

before and after Light Matters Taking a space from dreary to dynamite requires effort but maybe not as much time or money as you might think. Click here to read Part One of the before and after on this garage/cottage redo: Light Matters!

Wheel Gratitude

Happy 10th Birthday, Snowball. Here’s to ten more!

Your car is a rolling reflection of your attitude and your energy … it’s important to extend your clearing practices out to your wheels.

Do you have a great relationship with your car? Want an even better one?

Click here to find out how to create good “CAR”ma!

So Long Shrink Wrap!

Wisdom CardsA happy announcement! It’s taken a long time and lots of starts and stops but I finally have eco packaging for the wonderful wind powered Wisdom Cards that are finding their way into homes across the country.

Gotta celebrate those victories! Click here to read all about it.

TRUST Your Space

Taken at Banks Lake near Grand Coulee, WA.

Create a place that feels safe. A refuge from the storm. It’s true that home is where the heart is. Be sure that wherever you are, your space reflects the magnificent prism that dwells within you. Nature gave us rainbows to remind us to trust, to smile and to know that with the right combination of elements – the world is still a beautiful place to live. 

About this photo: Following a torrential rain and wind storm, this awesome rainbow arched across the gorge like a crystal bridge. Suddenly, the air was soft and fresh and the Earth sparkled with delight. Hope restored. Trust renewed. 


WOW! Your cards arrived this afternoon and they are beautiful!!  I can’t wait to sit and meditate with them.   Kim K., FL

Finding BALANCE with Your Space

Balance cardBalance can seem to most as an illusive art form. We know it when we see it but achieving it is often a challenge. The good news is that balance and harmony (two sides of the same coin) can be realized and maintained with some simple steps and a little practice.

Our home tells us when things are out of balance. Something feels off in the room. The energy is too heavy in one corner. The space feels cramped. Pay attention to these clues and take action to correct the imbalance. Move or remove furniture, soften the color scheme, change a lampshade … small things that make a big difference. Simplicity is key.  Clearing clutter is the most effective change agent for your space … creating balance starts there. A favorite quote from Albert Einstein reminds us to: “Out of clutter, find simplicity.”

About this photo: These twin birch trees were each coated in a sheet of ice. Such stark simplicity was stunning. Even in their frozen state, I could feel their harmony with each other and the sky surrounding them. Taken on New Year’s Day in Bend, OR.

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