So Long Shrink Wrap!

Wisdom CardsA happy announcement! It’s taken a long time and lots of starts and stops but I finally have eco packaging for the wonderful wind powered Wisdom Cards that are finding their way into homes across the country.

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TRUST Your Space

Taken at Banks Lake near Grand Coulee, WA.

Create a place that feels safe. A refuge from the storm. It’s true that home is where the heart is. Be sure that wherever you are, your space reflects the magnificent prism that dwells within you. Nature gave us rainbows to remind us to trust, to smile and to know that with the right combination of elements – the world is still a beautiful place to live. 

About this photo: Following a torrential rain and wind storm, this awesome rainbow arched across the gorge like a crystal bridge. Suddenly, the air was soft and fresh and the Earth sparkled with delight. Hope restored. Trust renewed. 


WOW! Your cards arrived this afternoon and they are beautiful!!  I can’t wait to sit and meditate with them.   Kim K., FL

Finding BALANCE with Your Space

Balance cardBalance can seem to most as an illusive art form. We know it when we see it but achieving it is often a challenge. The good news is that balance and harmony (two sides of the same coin) can be realized and maintained with some simple steps and a little practice.

Our home tells us when things are out of balance. Something feels off in the room. The energy is too heavy in one corner. The space feels cramped. Pay attention to these clues and take action to correct the imbalance. Move or remove furniture, soften the color scheme, change a lampshade … small things that make a big difference. Simplicity is key.  Clearing clutter is the most effective change agent for your space … creating balance starts there. A favorite quote from Albert Einstein reminds us to: “Out of clutter, find simplicity.”

About this photo: These twin birch trees were each coated in a sheet of ice. Such stark simplicity was stunning. Even in their frozen state, I could feel their harmony with each other and the sky surrounding them. Taken on New Year’s Day in Bend, OR.

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Winter – the Season of Stillness

winterWinter is a time of great illumination and insight. Fireside and candlelight. As the Earth grows dormant, we become quiet in order to listen to our inner voice. As the days grow shorter, we are grateful for the light both in and around us. This season honors the elders, the white-haired ones. The wisdom of buffalo, bear and turtle with their message of security and protection. It is the time of the night sky with all of its stars, stillness and peace.

Colors for the season are white, midnight blue and forest green. Scents include pine, fir and cedar. Adorn your space with birch bark, evergreen boughs and pine cones. Clean and attend to the Earth elements in your home including furniture, floors, wool rugs and blankets.

Winter corresponds to the Element of Earth, the direction of North and the night time.

About this photo: I am forever in awe of how quiet the world becomes after a first snowfall. And of how little crystals illuminate the beauty of nature in such a breathtaking way. This backyard pine tree offered a wonderful example of winter simplicity and stillness.

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Gifting Green

Wisdom Cards by Jane GreenTop 5 Reasons for Gifting A Clear Place WISDOM CARDS by Jane Green:

  • printed in the USA using 100% wind power and non-toxic soy based inks
  • original scenes of nature inspire year round beauty and balance
  • provides simple tips on getting clear and living green
  • supports small business
  • fits nicely in a stocking

This “beauty in a bag” is great for homeowners, renters, newlyweds, home-sharers, empty-nesters and nature lovers. And it’s perfect for those who are downsizing or dealing with clutter control … or anyone wanting to simply love their space! The cards are gracing homes throughout the Northwest as well as FL, WI, PA and CO. Where will you send yours?

“Oh my! I am just opening the package and looking at the cards. I do love them and can’t wait to give my friend hers. Your cards are just what I needed.  They will help me put more of my spirit into the house. Thank you SO much!” 

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The Power of Gratitude

card of the weekBeing thankful for what you have is the surest way to love where you are. If you are not happy with your place or your space, you have the power to change it. It’s called gratitude. You can shift your world by blessing it. Start right now by looking around your room and saying thank you. When you walk into your home say thank you. Practice mindful placement of your belongings. And always give and receive with gratitude.

Giving thanks begins in the heart. It’s where all healing starts. Connect with your heart-self by bringing nature close to you. Its energy will lift you and your space. Simple. A single flower is a good way to start.

About this photo: Flowers vibrate at a high frequency, especially roses. This spray rose beauty greeted me in my backyard one afternoon. The fragrance called to me even before I saw the blossoms. Pink and green are the colors of the heart chakra so this photo was perfect for the GRATITUDE card.

Holiday Tip: Place this card on your table at Thanksgiving. Pass it around to each guest and let them share what they are grateful for this season.  Dining alone? Start a gratitude list on paper. Add something new each day of the season. Don’t have your WISDOM CARDS yet? Click here to order your deck today!

WATER – the Element of Change

WATERThe element of Water is all about change and transformation. The ebb and flow of energy. The clearer your space, the easier it is to allow for a natural flow. We are bodies of water living on the water planet. It doesn’t get more connected than that. Water is life giving, healing and a master at shape shifting. Use that power to help with transitions and changes in your life. If you’ve had a loss, bring water energy into your space to help in the release process. A tabletop fountain, images of a river, fish, boats or the sea. Colors include shades of blues and greens. Accent with glass, shells, pearls. Hydrate yourself and your home by misting with an energy spray or a mix of water and lavender essential oil. Check your plumbing, clean drains and gutters. Release, clear out and let go. And allow for life to unfold in wonderful ways.

Corresponds to the season of Autumn, sunset and the direction of the West.

About this photo: Taken from a lookout point on the central Oregon coast. After a foggy morning, the mist cleared and the sun came out. The scene shifted from gray and black to blue and green within minutes. Magic.

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AUTUMN – The Season of Letting Go

AutumnThis week’s pick from A Clear Place Wisdom Cards is AUTUMN. Fall is all about releasing and letting go. Like the trees shedding their leaves to allow for new growth, it’s a great time to let go of all that stuff and clear your clutter. The energy of spider reigns now and teaches us to live simply. To be strong and focused but also willing to let go of what was in order to build anew. Git rid of what no longer serves you. Autumn honors the cycle of adulthood and being responsible caretakers of the land and our loved ones. In your home, use images of sunset, flowing water or fall scenes like this one. Diffuse essential oils of cinnamon, orange, clove and nutmeg. All of these blend well or use them individually.

The Season of Autumn corresponds to the element of Water, the direction of the West and the time of sunset.

About this photo: I encountered this brilliant maple tree on a walk in NW Portland. The street below was blanketed in gold but there were plenty more leaves to follow in the weeks ahead.

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FIRE – Wisdom Card of the Week

card of the week FIREThe element of Fire speaks to fueling your passion. What are you bursting to do? Take if off the back burner – light a fire under your dreams to make them manifest. In your home, add FIRE energy to spark up your love life by bringing in sensual silks and satins to your bedroom. Use rich tones of orange and red for accent colors. Think round and full and lush. Pomegranates, plums and melons. Diffuse essential oils of ylang, ylang or jasmine in your bedroom and bath area. Incorporate images of fireworks, tropical flowers, the sun or jungle cats. FIRE energy can be added wherever you need a boost to get things done. Wear that red sweater when you are low on energy. A word of caution: as with any art; a little bit of red goes a long way. Try an accent pillow, rug or lamp vs. painting a whole room.

The Element of FIRE corresponds to the season of Summer and the direction of the South.

About this photo: I found this brilliant red hibiscus bursting out over a sidewalk in Maitlin, FL. It couldn’t be contained in the yard and was spreading its glorious self beyond borders. The perfect image for FIRE!

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