HP Instant Ink is a Clear Deal

inkI love smart technology that works with you and the planet. HP Instant Ink is one of those ideas that makes sense. Register online, pick your plan (I went with the $4.99 per month option but can change at any time) and get printing. They track your usage and ship your ink when you need it before you run out. No worries about picking the right replacement at the store. Cartridges are recycled. Ink is cheaper. HP quality. What’s not to like? Check it out. HP Instant Ink

Gifting Green is a Clear Choice

winter designACP Deck the halls! I’m celebrating the season with FREE earth friendly gift wrap for all holiday orders. So just what makes these ACP Wisdom Cards so special?  Click here to find out why these decks are the perfect way to gift green!

Earth 911

Did you know there are over 50 places to recycle batteries in the Portland area? What about eyeglasses, paint supplies or those old video tapes? The Earth911 website provides one of the best resource directories I’ve seen for recycling and living green. Just put in the item you want to recycle and your zipcode. Up pops a list of sites and links starting with the closest to your area. It’s a national directory so even friends back east and in the south can find help. Donation sites included, too. The website also provides green tips for businesses and lots of  reuse and recycle how-to’s. Check it out!

Get Clear and Go Green!

Getting rid of stuff that no longer serves a purpose is only one part of having a clear place. Another, equally important part, is being mindful about your purchases. I love finding fun and useful items that are eco friendly and multi-purpose. A few weeks ago, I discovered a place that is clearly a wonderful resource for just those kinds of things! In Corvalis, Oregon … who knew?

Dish Dumpling scrubbies made with agave twine, cleaning cloths woven with wood fiber, pure soy candles, clay colors for wall paint, barn wood furniture and SO much more.  Eco friendly and friendly folks – my favorite combination.  Read more about the Earth Smart Store here.

Common Scents

Give your space a clear and uplifting energy boost with Orange Essential Oil.  Orange oil aromatherapy is known to help with depression, seasonal disorder and feeling blue.  It’s the popular choice to make rooms inviting and welcoming for guests and/or home buyers. Use the oil in your electric diffuser or drop into a small pot of simmering water on the stove top.  Keep your counters clean and brighten the energy all around you by adding a few drops of orange oil into a mister of water and use on a clean cloth.

Orange oil comes in both bitter and sweet varieties. Sweet is the most commonly used. I prefer the subtle fragrance of the bitter oil. Experiment with the one you like most.

TIP: Don’t throw away your orange peels. Stud them with a few whole cloves or pieces of cinnamon bark and toss into a pot of water and heat for a warm and spicy fragrance. Adding a bag or two of chai tea will increase the pleasing aroma.

WARNING: Orange oil should NOT be applied directly to the skin. Be sure to use only AUTHENTIC essential oils that show the source and botanical name. Synthetics can cause adverse reactions. If you are in doubt, drop me a line and I’ll give you some guidance on selection.